Military coup ousts Sudan dictator

The 30-year rule of Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir is over after a military coup this morning toppled his government. Defense minister Awad Mohamed Auf announced Bashir's arrest on state TV and promised elections in two years, with a military council running the country in the interim.

The country's autocratic leader is understood to be under house arrest with several aides at the presidential palace, along with a number of Muslim Brotherhood leaders. The move to oust him from power comes after months of anti-government protests against his 30-year rule, in anger over a struggling economy.

Bashir is wanted by the ICC over atrocities in Darfur. Read the rest

Coup: North Carolina Republicans convene a special session to strip incoming Democratic governor of executive powers

Thomas writes, "Shortly after closing a post-election special session to fund relief for counties afflicted by flooding from Hurricane Matthew or mountain wildfires, North Carolina GOP legislative leaders announced a second special session to begin the same day with an open agenda. The docket was filled with 21 House bills, some of which stripped Democratic Governor Elect Roy Cooper of substantial control over the executive branch. This is a coup attempt, an effort to undermine the results of a highly scrutinized election." Read the rest