Howto: Extend your wrists' duty-cycle

People make fun of me when I talk about extending my wrists' duty cycle, but I earn the vast majority of my living with the parts of my body north of my chin and south of my elbows, and those are all pretty fragile, easily-damaged parts of your body. Read the rest

Manual mail-sorting at the turn of the 20th century

I can only hope they whistled the same jaunty tunes as their Ghanian counterparts while sorting the mail in Chaplainesque ballet. Read the rest

Lying down in bed desk

The kneeling desk led to the standing desk and thence to the treadmill desk, but I propose that we bring this full circle to the lying down in bed desk (instructions available in Japanese only). (via Sean Bonner) Read the rest

Kickstarting a standing desk supported by empty bottles

Simon sez, "I'm a 19 year old Computer Science student and increasingly got neck ache from sitting at my computer. I read blog posts on the benefits of standing desks so tried a plank rested on CD drives. My neck felt great but my desk was ugly. So I set about designing the perfect standing desk, combining beauty, functionality, and ergonomics. The result -- which I'm funding on Kickstarter -- is a stunning standing desk precisely laser cut from birch plywood, crystal clear acrylic and soft natural cork with reused glass bottles for legs.

Cork is used to make the entire front edge a soft comfortable palm rest. There is a drawer lined with cork to protect small gadgets. A keyboard shelf slides peripherals away from dust. Backstops with cable slots stop pens or wires dropping behind the desk. The transparent surfaces make finding items in the drawer fast and feeding wires through the cable management hole easy. Finally, reusing bottles for legs means you can select the perfect size to make the desk an ergonomic height for you."

The desks are lovely, but Simon doesn't list any manufacturing experience in his bio. The usual kickstarter caveats apply: even if this is funded, you may never get anything for your money. Simple risers are £50; the desk is £300 and up.

SG Designed Laser Cut Standing Desks Read the rest