Invisible, targeted infrared light can fool facial recognition software into thinking anyone is anyone else

A group of Chinese computer scientists from academia and industry have published a paper documenting a tool for fooling facial recognition software by shining hat-brim-mounted infrared LEDs on the user's face, projecting CCTV-visible, human-eye-invisible shapes designed to fool the face recognition software. Read the rest

Experimental software makes 3D head models from front-on face photos

Researchers at the Computer Vision Laboratory, The University of Nottingham have posted an online demo of their 3D Face Reconstruction from a Single Image paper. Read the rest

Special eyeglasses thwart face recognition

A computer security company has developed two kinds of anti face-recognition eyeglasses.

One uses infrared LEDs in the frame to dazzle video cameras. The other uses retro-reflective materials to bounce back a camera's flash.

Read the rest