This poor alligator with a knife stuck in its head is seen swimming in a Texas lake

Erin Weaver spotted an American alligator swimming in a body of water near her home in Houston, Texas, and realized that the creature was the one in danger. Read the rest

Police notice alligator foot dangling out of Florida man's car dash, and bust him for killing it

A man in Florida was cited by state wildlife officers for killing an alligator without a permit after an inspection revealed gator body parts in his pickup truck, and the poor dead critter's foot sticking out of the dashboard. Read the rest

Alligator visits human home, tries to ring doorbell, flops over adorably

Alligator sightings are pretty common in South Carolina's Lowcountry region around this time of year. But a genuine gentleman alligator whose momma raised him to ring the doorbell when he comes a-callin on a human neighbor--well, that's just downright precious. Read the rest

Twitter takes aim at trolls—and promises more

Glenn Fleishman explains Twitter's blocking system and its freshly-fortified abuse-reporting tools.