Epic Hurr

Upon reading Xeni's post about Herp Derp, a browser extension that turns all YouTube comments into "herp derp", I remembered that I have on-hand an image to express my own slackly-murmuring state of blissful detachment from the hell of other people, as required. There are many such images, but mine is epic. You're welcome. Read the rest

We regret the error

YanquiUXO, the Reddit user who originally posted this sign says that it comes from the Harvard Museum of Natural History, which hosts an annual event that allows artists to set up installations and performance art inside the museum. This is one of those pieces.

I can't find the name of the artist of this particular piece, though, so if you know, holler.

Many of the Redditors have wondered whether this piece took real-life inspiration from a lion that was famously (poorly) taxidermied for the King of Sweden in 1731. I have no idea, but the lion itself must be seen to be believed. The derp is strong with this one.

Image via Ed Yong Read the rest