Popular Science answers your TMI questions

Fun fact you might not be aware of if you are not the owner of a uterus: Periods go hand-in-hand with pooping. Not every person who gets a period will end up with diarrhea, but it's not uncommon because the same hormone that makes a uterus contract (a necessary step in the whole period process) can also end up making your intestines contract. Francie Diep explains this effect — as well as the other hormone-related reason why periods and poops can be linked. Read the rest

Hulk smash puny placebo effect!

Women who thought they were getting a dose of testosterone behaved more aggressively and selfishly--whether or not they'd really been given the hormone. Women who got testosterone and didn't know it were actually more altruistic. The researchers suspect macho testosterone lore created a "license to misbehave" in the women who thought they were under its influence. Read the rest