JN Chaney's 'Variant Saga' is a wild ride across multiple universes

I recently tore through JN Chaney's Variant Saga, a four novel series that starts as dystopian sci-fi and turns into a fantastic first contact adventure. Read the rest

Cast Under an Alien Sun

Joe just wanted to go to the national chemistry convention, but somehow his flight never gets him there. Waking up on a distant planet, where humanity isn't quite as developed, Joe realizes he has been Cast Under an Alien Sun.

Olan Thorensen has written a fun, and fast moving, take on two of my Sci-Fi favorites: A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, and Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen. Joe is an unwilling, and unknowing time traveller. His knowledge of science and technology can save his new society, if he just doesn't scare with his sorcerous ways.

I've already picked up the next in this series, The Pen and the Sword.

Cast Under an Alien Sun (Destiny's Crucible) by Olan Thorensen via Amazon Read the rest

Gregor's Run by Saxon Andrew

In Gregor's Run a young man with a mysterious past is on the run from two of the universe's most powerful organizations. Generally broke, and with no idea of who he is or what the bad guys want, the titular Gregor just wants to get drunk.

This was a fun, fast and poorly edited Kindle Unlimited recommendation! Packed with the requisite action and adventure, Gregor's Run tells a witty and entertaining version of a familiar story. The backstory and world building are well done, and the characters interesting, Gregor is certainly a different hero.

Not-safe-for-the-grammatically-nitpicky, this remains a fine example of Kindle Unlimited fare.

Gregor's Run: The Universe is too Small to Hide via Amazon Read the rest