Mesmerizing supercut of strange woodsplitting contraptions

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Watch a guy toss log chunks with a giant John Deere log loader

Tim O'Bryant, aka Cotontop3, is a logger in Mississippi who vlogs daily. In this episode, he uses the pincers on his log loader to toss leftovers from log bucking, which takes a surprising amount of dexterity. Read the rest

Ant City

This log, spotted in Ohio's Hocking Hills park, has prior occupants. Read the rest

"Crocodile" spotted in England

The "elusive reptile" was seen in the River Avon, reports The Bristol Post.:

Both sightings were given credibility by amateur footage released by a town councillor showing a dark object drifting towards the river bank. ... Step forward Tamara, who believes she may have captured the crocodile on her camera phone while out on a run on Tuesday evening.

Tamara, 29, a Spanish national living in Southville who works at clothes shop Zara, said: "I was running close to the Suspension Bridge and suddenly I saw something in the water but I didn't really see it properly because I was scared.

"I had heard about a crocodile but that was a long time ago, so when I went home I checked on the internet and I saw that other people had seen it too.

"I felt scared at the time because the thing – whatever it was – was moving in the water.

I believe that this breed of crocodile is Crocodylus Quercus.

Return of the Bristol Crocodile? The "beast" is spotted close to Clifton Suspension Bridge Read the rest