Mesmerizing supercut of strange woodsplitting contraptions

From the ingenious to the bizarre, there's no shortage of gadgets, machines, and homemade gew-gaws created to make cutting and splitting wood easier. Read the rest

Watch as World's Slowest Saw returns with viewer requests

What's left in life after creating the World's Slowest Saw? YouTuber DangerousAndAwesome took his dream to new heights with a battery pack, Arduino display, and a sinister scene where the saw cuts a rope in epic Damoclean fashion. Read the rest

Is this how the Escher Waterfall machine works?

Yesterday, I blogged about an anonymous YouTuber who appeared to have built a machine that could make Escher's impossible self-replenishing waterfall a concrete reality. David Goldman thinks he knows how it was done, and sent this diagram along.

(Thanks, David!)

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