Hello, Dolly... and goodbye, Bob's Big Boy?!

Here's some crazy news: Big Boy restaurants are swapping out their iconic mascot "Bob" for a little blonde girl named "Dolly." She is an obscure sidekick-type character from the "Adventures of Big Boy" comic book. The "Big Boy" will remain in the name though.

The company told a Michigan TV station:

"We are rolling out a brand-new chicken sandwich. We’re calling it the best cluckin’ chicken sandwich around and Dolly, who has been with Big Boys since the 1950 as far as we can go back with our comic books, We decided that she’s going to be the star of this sandwich as Big Boy was the star of his double decker sandwich...

It is Dolly’s time to shine now with our chicken sandwich. So, she’s taken the forefront right now. She’s in charge. The name will always be Big Boy but as far as the logo, she’s leading the charge and we’ll see when he comes back if he does."

Something seems off here. Ditch your 90-year-old namesake mascot for a secondary character? Doubtful. I suspect Big Boy's is taking a page from the IHOP playbook. Make a big -- but ultimately a temporary change -- to get some media attention. Oh darnit, it worked.

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The Dolly Chicken Sandwich is HERE on 7/6! To celebrate we are giving away free chicken sandwiches and a free #chickensandwich a week for the rest of the year to the first 20 in line at 11 AM at each Big Boy Restaurant.

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Zombear: adorable undead mascot for blue curry

Bears live in Japan, especially Hokkaido. So it’s no surprise that people hunt and eat them from time to time. It’s also no shock that one of these animals might end up in a pot of curry. Bear curry isn’t so entirely surprising. But what is surprising, though, is this new thing I found from Hokkaido, Japan. Zombie Bear Curry. No, wait, that’s Zombear. The curry that makes no promises about possibly being tasty in any way.

It says right there on the front of the package in big red font: Decrease Your Appetite! Under that it tells you it’s blue soup curry with the top right-hand corner proclaiming Blue! And guro uma which is a play on words. Guro meaning grotesque/gross and uma short for umai: delicious. Deliciously gross? Still the photo looks good, right? Don’t get your hopes up. The little splotch above the price tag lets you know there are non of those yummy looking ingredients in this bag. It’s just (blue) soup. There aren't even any bears in here. In even finer print: the photo on the box is a serving suggestion.

So I tried it and it tastes pretty good, actually.

I then did a little research and learned that Zombear has his own website and Twitter account Zombear also has a backstory. He weighs 29 kilos and is 29.9 centimeters tall. His favorite food is fresh salmon. He’s a big stuffed teddy bear who has been wandering the streets of Hokkaido for 70 years looking for the boy that owns him. Read the rest

Denny's new mascot looks like a turd ?

Oh, Denny's.

How many meetings did you have before you decided on using an anthropomorphic poop-like sausage for one of your Grand Slam breakfast mascots?

Not enough, clearly. I feel a little sad for you right now.

Good job on the tiny fedora though.

photo by Mike Mozart

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