Volkswagen microbus made from 400,000 LEGO blocks

This VW van made of LEGO is amazing. There are more photos on the VW site.

The van was designed and built by Rene Hoffmeister, one of only 12 officially certified LEGO® professionals in the world. Along with colleague Pascal Lenhard, the duo used 3D modeling to assemble a plan for the van, including a precise figure for the number of bricks needed. Beyond ensuring the major flexible pieces like doors worked, the pair also had to ensure structural rigidity in the side walls and other vertical surfaces to keep all the bricks from collapsing.

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Watch VW buses jump

Tomorrow I'm putting new shocks on the front of my Vanagon. It will never do this.

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Watch 4WD Vanagons do things a VW bus shouldn't

I never cease to be amazed at the how well the 4WD Vanagon Synchro works. I'm always shocked at how much they sell for.

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