Kansas inmate freed after doppelganger found 17 years later

In 1999 Richard Jones was found guilty of aggravated robbery and sentenced to 19 years in prison. During trial, his lawyer said his client was innocent and that a man who closely resembled Jones was the real culprit. It turns out the lawyer was right. Read the rest

Photographer shoots wrong couple's marriage proposal

A perfect storm of factors led to photographer Jacob Peters shooting the wrong marriage proposal at a remote romantic overlook. Read the rest

Revisiting the best live TV interview ever

Ten years later, BBC News presents one of its funniest mistakes.

It's 10 years since Guy Goma became a celebrity after he was mistaken for an internet expert and interviewed on BBC News TV.

The unemployed computer technician had been at the BBC for a job interview. But the graduate from the Congo gained worldwide attention after a mix-up saw him interviewed on air instead of Guy Kewney

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