Offworld Monday Reflection: Living card games, white whales and digital bonsai trees

Monday returns with yet another a satellite transmission from Offworld, highlighting our favorite features and games from last week, as well as the stories throughout the galaxy that got us talking

Offworld Monday Reflection: Desert wars, desert horror, and Encarta on acid

I've had an exceptionally good time of games the past week or so. It's been like crawling around inside other people's imaginations. Come along and hear about our best stuff lately!

Offworld Monday roundup: Empathy, criticism and being filthy in the shower

One thing that's really important to us is to be able to critique things we love, and to embrace the idea that sometimes a conversation is more important than a right answer

Offworld Monday roundup: Nostalgia, magical girls and cybersex

The Offworld staff had a lot to say about nostalgia last week, particularly around the announcement that a remake of the fan-favorite 1997 game Final Fantasy VII is on the way.