NYC record: 58 straight days with no pedestrian deaths

The New York City Department of Transportation reports that it's been 58 days since a pedestrian has been killed in the city, a new record that was made possible because the city is under lockdown.

I've been watching this live video camera feed of Times Square for the last week or so and it is remarkable to see how empty it looks. Read the rest

Sinkhole opens under pedestrian's feet

CCTV footage from China’s Jiamusi City. Fortunately the elderly fellow was reportedly unhurt. According to MSNBC, "the road had not been built well after construction last year and the rain was too much for it to bear."

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Controversial road diet reduced accidents, say scientists

Los Angeles is a car town, so it's controversial to promote "road diets," a form of roadway reconfiguration intended to slow cars and reduce collisions, especially with cyclists and pedestrians. Scientists reviewed data from one controversial road diet and found that crashes were cut in half, and unsafe speed crashes dropped to zero. Read the rest

Traffic lights in sidewalks for phone-distracted pedestrians

The German city of Augsburg embedded traffic lights in the pavement so pedestrians staring at their phones would be more likely to see them. City officials said the project was initiated after a teenager was killed crossing train tracks while allegedly distracted by her phone.

"(The lighting system) creates a whole new level of attention," said city spokeswoman Stephanie Lermen.

(Washington Post)

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