Another World: Survival turns an old game into a new challenge

Another World: Survival is a low-res adaptation of Eric Chahi's classic 16-bit game. Though it's broken down to the essentials to "fit" on the Pico-8 fantasy console, it so perfectly implements the original's combat mechanics and aesthetic that I can't stop playing. Read the rest

Tetrolled: Tetris but it trolls you

Tetrolled is Tetris but with an additional layer of hostility: as time passes, obsctructions pop into existence at random spots on the board. Trasevol_Dog made it in just 2 hours for the Ludum Dare game-making contest. The source code offers a nice simple example showing how the Pico-8 "fantasy console" is coded. Read the rest

Endless Archery

Endless Archery is a free browser game similar to Desert Golfing but with archery as the theme and the chunky low-res pixel-precision of Pico-8. I found the basic mechanics more difficult, but once mastered, the procedurally-generated levels are relatively forgiving. I lost half an hour to it last night before an existential crisis set in, it's pretty good! Read the rest

Passengers is a game about the human cost of Europe's migrant crisis

You're a smuggler assessing asylum seekers who want to go to Europe. You'll be surprised at how quickly you become an arbiter of human life.

Check out a fanzine about 'the internet's microconsole'

Contributors like Terry Cavanagh, Devine Lu Linvega and Arnaud De Bock, as well as PICO-8 developer Zep, among others, have made the stylish, cute 48-page fanzine -- free digitally -- for users interested in learning more about the elegant little digital console.

Get mysterious with Dusk Child, a rich little exploration puzzle

Each screen requires its own kind of meditative patience, but as you draw a mental map of the world in your mind you start to feel the slow burn of pride that comes with having swept each moonlit corner.