Enamel lapel pin of a video game arcade

I bought this nifty little lapel pin of a video arcade machine for my daughter's birthday. It uses two pins to keep it upright. It looks cool! Read the rest

Enamel origami unicorn lapel pin

There's too much to chase, these days, so deputize yourself. The Origami Unicorn Lapel Pin [Amazon] evokes three cool things for me: Blade Runner, pride, and this very website. It's $10, 1.5" wide, 2mm thick and double-pinned. Read the rest

Cease and Desist enamel pin

The Cease and Desist enamel pin—a hauntingly familiar soup can mounted on hauntingly familiar robot legs—is $7 on Kickstarter.

CEASE and DESIST will be Packaged Action Figure Style. With very thick Archivist Backing Cards and Custom Sized Miniature Blisters holding the pin in place.

The Enamel Pins themselves will shiny Chrome Metal finish where all the Grey areas Fall. With Black, and White Enamel Fills and one of 4 Different Standard Color Fills, Seen Below, for that extra layer of Tribute, or Infringement, depending on your point of view. PIN SIZE: 1.64 inches tall X 1.125 inches wide

I've been making making excited beeping sounds and rocking laterally since I saw it. Read the rest

Anti-Trump and pro-Hillary pins won't save the world

But they can't hurt! Pins Won't Save The World was just launched to let designers create pins for this year's crazy election. While most designs are anti-Trump, some are pro-Hillary or generally pro-America messages of progressivism. Read the rest