Terry Pratchett's advice to booksellers

From A Slip of the Keyboard, Pratchett's very sensible advice to booksellers on care and feeding of touring authors. Read the rest

Sending Terry Pratchett home with HTTP headers

In Terry Pratchett's novel Going Postal, an allegory about the creation of an Internet-like telegraph system called "the clacks," workers who die in the line of duty have their names "sent home," by being transmitted up and down the line in the system's signalling layer ("A man is not dead while his name is still spoken"). Read the rest

Terry Pratchett on Snuff

Did you catch Neil Gaiman's interview with Terry Pratchett on his latest novel, Snuff? We're delighted to follow-up with a short video of Sir Terry discussing such things as the inability of detectives to successfully go on holiday, and the slightly worrying quality of doing something for a living that you like to do anyway. [Thanks, Rachel!] Read the rest