Great moments in pedantry: Scientists point out flaws in the science of Prometheus

I've not yet seen Prometheus, but as a genre, I honestly enjoy articles that are all about applying a (perhaps overly) critical lens to the way science is portrayed in science fiction. I think there's a lot to learn from this sort of story—both about how science really works, and how to write more believable stories. In this piece on Forbes, an archaeologist, a geologist, an animal biologist, and two physicists critique the methodology and professional practice of the fiction scientists aboard the Prometheus. (Via Miriam Goldstein) Read the rest

Using Pop Rocks as a sound effect in Prometheus

[Video Link] SoundWorks talks with the sound team of Director Ridley Scott's latest science fiction film Prometheus. Read the rest

The A/2s always were a bit twitchy

A fantastic preview for this summer's Alien somethingquel, Prometheus, which stars Michael Fassbender. Previously. Read the rest