Adorkable dogs bungle a graceful jump

Such graceful dogs.

“Frank face planted and Skippy tried to imitate a cat but to no avail.” Read the rest

What it looks like when you break glass filmed at 10 million frames per second

The Action Lab Man presented a video of cracking glass using a camera capable of filming 10 million frames per second. Glass cracks propagate faster than a bullet, so even at 10 millions frames a second the cracks move quickly.

Image: The Action Lab Read the rest

Rainbow Jell-O being smashed through a tennis racket, captured in slo-mo

The Slow Mo Guys whacked some rainbow Jell-O (aka "jelly") through a tennis racket for their latest video. As they're known to do, they captured it all in its slo-mo glory using a Phantom v2640 high-speed camera.

(Tastefully Offensive) Read the rest

Firing a 2 Inch Gun in Slow Motion

It's so tiny and deadly! Read the rest

Steel wool burning in slow motion

Some people just like to watch the wool burn. A GIF excerpt from this 2016 macro video of steel wool in flames is making the viral rounds two years later. The original video is worth revisiting, so here it is... Read the rest

Watch this absolutely glorious slo-mo collision of two vortex rings

In 1992, University of Melbourne researchers TT Lim and TB Nickels wrote a scientific paper titled "Instability and reconnection in the head-on collision of two vortex rings." The research so inspired Smarter Every Day's Destin Sandlin that he launched his own research effort to study the phenomenon and capture it using high-speed video. Four years later, he's shared this magnificent video above. You can also watch all 12 hours of the 1x speed video below.

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Spectacular slow-motion footage of lightning strikes

In Transient: Extended and Unused Footage, Dustin Farrell shares some of the great shots of weather events that got trimmed or omitted from his beautiful film Transient. Read the rest

The Slow Mo Guys capture colorful paint on a booming speaker in 12,500fps

Gav and Dan, aka the Slow Mo Guys, are revisiting a favorite video of theirs, one from 2013 where they put paint on booming speakers and capture it in glorious 2,500 frames-per-second slow motion. This time, however, they've got a camera that can capture the action at 12,500 frames-per-second and one that can grab a 100 megapixel photo of it.

When they're done playing with paint, Dan pours a bowl of cereal and milk into the speaker. He then turns on the music while simultaneously thrusting his open-mouthed face into it. It's all captured in super slow motion, of course. Read the rest

Watch a truck vs. a low clearance in super slo-mo

If you like 11foot8bridge and its evil cousin 10foot6bridge, you'll love this super slo-mo recreation of a crash from multiple angles. Read the rest

Watch the Slow Mo Guys smack James Corden in the face with a dodgeball

The Slow Mo Guys were guests on The Late Late Show and to show what they do, they filmed host James Corden as they threw a dodgeball at his cheek. The slow-motion instant replay shows Corden's face being warped by the pressure but, all in all, he took it like a complete champ. Read the rest

This is how you cut a deck of cards, or ten

In their latest video, the Hydraulic Press Channel team shows how to plow through 10 decks of cards (and other things like a rubber band ball and CO2 cartridges) using their extra-sharp "Guillotine 5,000,000" blade. Hard not to love watching that.

(The Awesomer) Read the rest

Watch a bullet get shot at an axe blade

In this fascinating video, the energy of a bullet is on full display as it's shot directly at the sharp edge of an axe. The first shot from seven yards misses, but the second one sends a visible shock wave through the axe head. Read the rest

Watch: A painful belly flop in slo-mo

YouTube creators Gavin and Dan, aka the Slo Mo Guys, make lots of fun slow-motion videos. In this one, Dan gets in a speedo and belly flops into a pool from a platform 15 feet in the air. To capture the painful plunge, they've got high-speed cameras set up poolside and underwater. Ouch!

(Tastefully Offensive) Read the rest

Watch the insides of a firework explode in super slo-mo

Ever wonder what the inside of a giant firework looks like as it explodes? This super-slo mo footage shows what happens when a shell that's been cut in half gets lit. Read the rest

Slow motion video of model rocket engine underwater doesn't end well

Warped Perception ignited an Estes D12-5 model rocket engine in a glass tank of water. Read the rest

Let's crawl inside a giant water balloon and fill it with water until it pops

The Slo Mo Guys wanted to find out what would happen if you went inside a big balloon and filled it with water until it pops. There is probably a rule 34 subreddit for this.

[via] Read the rest

Watch breathtaking fireballs through a trippy kaleidoscopic effect

For their film Fire, Saulo Jamariqueli and Dirk Rees put a couple of fire breathers in a dark studio with a reflective surface, then ran the impressive footage through a kaleidoscope filter, making it even cooler. Read the rest

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