Join me to watch Talking Heads perform in my living room

Well, they're performing at the Capitol Theater in Passaic, New Jersey in 1980, but I'm watching it in my living room right now.

This killer lineup includes the great avant-garde axman Adrien Belew of King Crimson and The Bears and the late Parliament-Funkadelic legend Bernie Worrell on keyboards!

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David Byrne performed "Once in a Lifetime" on SNL last week and it was excellent

David Byrne (67) was in top form Saturday night when he performed "Once in a Lifetime" on SNL. The song was first released in 1980 on Talking Heads' album Remain in Light.

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Posters that mash up Talking Heads songs with pulp covers and vintage ads

Todd Alcott -- purveyor of "Cultural Mashups" and "Ephemera Set to Music" -- created this incredible set of six posters that mash up vintage ads, pulp covers, and posters with Talking Heads songs, which leaves me both excited at the thought that these will soon grace my walls (they're available as giclee prints ranging in size from 11" wide to 48" wide, at prices from $33 to $300), and enraged that apparently the artist has been eavesdropping on my most deeply held obsessions. Get out of my head, you magnificent, mindreading bastard! Read the rest

Animated David Byrne/Big Suit enamel pin

PSA Press's $15 Stop Making Sense pin is jointed for moving Big Suit action, just like in the greatest concert movie ever made; I just bought one at Wondercon and it's superb. Read the rest

Beninese musician/activist/genius Angélique Kidjo has released a tribute to Talking Heads' Remain in Light and IT. IS. FUCKING. AMAZING.

Angélique Kidjo is a Beninese musician of enormous talent and repute (and three Grammys!); with 10 brilliant albums to her credit; album number ten is special, though: a tribute to Talking Heads' 1980 album Remain in Light (available for $7.92 as DRM-free MP3s); I've been listening to it all morning and, speaking as someone who would give any of the Talking Heads principals one of my kidneys if need be, I am head-over-heels in love with this album: Kidjo is touring the world with it and judging by the videos, she's an electrifying performer. Read the rest

Shithole Playlist: David Byrne's favorite music from Donald Trump's least-favorite countries

The Beautiful Shitholes is David Byrne's Spotify playlist of music from the countries Donald Trump infamously condemned as "shitholes." Read the rest

My god, what have I done? Donald Trump as David Byrne in "Once in a Lifetime"

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Hear the earliest known Talking Heads recordings (1975)

In 1975 The Talking Heads recorded some demo songs at CBS studios. Open Culture has them.

We’ve featured a fair few early Talking Heads performances, from Dortmund and Rome in 1980 to Syracuse in 1978 all the way back to CBGB in 1975. But you haven’t really heard early Talking Heads until you’ve heard the earliest Talking Heads. The same year of that CBGB show (one of many they played after their debut there opening for the Ramones), the trio of David Byrne, Chris Frantz, and Tina Weymouth recorded a series of demos at CBS studios. Still unsigned and in their early twenties, this first configuration of the Heads (after the band, newly arrived in New York, shed their identity as “The Artistics” from their days together at the Rhode Island School of Design) laid down the very first known recorded versions of such notable tracks as “Psycho Killer” above, “Thank You for Sending Me an Angel” below, and “I’m Not in Love” below.

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Talking Heads live, 1975

Here's Talking Heads performing at CBGB in 1975. At this stage, the band was a three-piece consisting of David Byrne, Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth. Some of this video (and much more) is included on the Talking Heads: Chronology Deluxe DVD. (Thanks, FP!) Read the rest