People more likely to return lost wallets if there's cash inside

You might think that when someone finds a wallet on the street, they're less likely to return it if there's cash inside. But you'd be wrong. According to a new three-year study across multiple countries, people are more inclined to return wallets stuffed with money. The more cash, the more likely they'll turn it over to the rightful owner. From the New York Times:

“The evidence suggests that people tend to care about the welfare of others and they have an aversion to seeing themselves as a thief,” said Alain Cohn, a study author and assistant professor of information at the University of Michigan. People given wallets with more money have more to gain from dishonesty, but that also increases “the psychological cost of the dishonest act...."

Christian Zünd, a doctoral student and co-author, said a survey they conducted found that “without money, not reporting a wallet doesn’t feel like stealing. With money, however, it suddenly feels like stealing and it feels even more like stealing when the money in the wallet increases...."

The researchers surveyed people to see if they expected bigger rewards for returning more money; they didn’t.

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My $(removed) leather minimalist wallet is terrific

I bought this leather wallet for $(removed) from Amazon a month ago. I liked it right away, and after having taken about eight flights since then, I have come to appreciate how great it is to be able to slide my driver license out of the clear plastic pocket (which has a hole so you can remove the card by sliding it with your thumb) and hand it to the friendly TSA officer at the security checkpoint.

The wallet shows no signs of wear, and the cards and cash are held tightly in the three different pockets (in addition to the driver license pocket) so they don't fall out. It's probably my favorite wallet, and the least expensive.

One of the pockets is advertised as RFID-blocking. I haven't tested it, nor am I concerned about it.

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Minimalist leather slim front pocket wallet

It's time for me to get a new wallet. I just ordered this "minimalist leather slim front pocket wallet" for $(removed) (using coupon code 5TEE8S7P on Amazon). I don't know when the code will expire. I'll give this a proper review after I've used it for a while. Read the rest

Killer art print collaboration between Scott Albrecht and Billykirk

Brooklyn-based artist/designer Scott Albrecht created this fantastic typographical piece with Billykirk, makers of killer bags, wallets, and other leather goods. The release party is tomorrow (10/21) at the Billykirk shop in New York City's Lower East Side. The print, limited to an edition of 25, is just $40. My family has several of Scott's original artworks hanging in our home and I carry multiple Billykirk products with me every single day. I love it when my favorite talents team up.

"'Don't Trouble Trouble Until Trouble Troubles You' was a phrase passed on to Kirk and Chris of Billykirk by their father and I'm super honored to be able to work with them on this," Scott says.

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