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Watch the northern lights captured in real time in 4K

Ronn Murray braved knee-deep snow and bitter Alaska cold to capture this pulsating green-hued aurora in 4K definition. Crank the resolution way up to 4K and enjoy a beautiful wintry nighttime hike with Ronn, Marketa, their dog Angus, and the universe unfolding above, then check out his highlight reel below.

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Video: Aurora Borealis seen out of an airplane window

Aurora Borealis enthusiast Paul Williams was flying from London to New York when he spotted the Northern Lights out his window. He balanced his camera on his backpack and took nearly 800 images that he later combined into this stunning timelapse movie. You can see some of the still images in this Flickr set. (via Smithsonian)

Time-lapse of a particularly intense aurora borealis display

Photographer Göran Strand created this stunning time-lapse video made from photographs of the aurora borealis as seen from Östersund, Sweden on March 17, 2013. The video consists of 2,464 images taken over four hours. The extreme intensity of the aurora borealis display resulted from a huge solar storm spurred by two solar flares that erupted on March 6.