"Who put this dick on my back?"

Reporting from the bustling Chicago Board of Trade, Scott Cohn relays news about the strengh of Japanese Yen futures. Then a wild dick appears. [via] Read the rest

World's greatest fishing show blooper reel

Bill Dance works hard for his money. Read the rest

RIP clumsy stormtrooper Michael Leader

Michael Leader, famous in certain circles as a clumsy Star Wars stormtrooper who knocked his head on a door, has died. He was also known for playing the longtime milkman character in UK soap Eastenders. Read the rest

Compilation of most awkward and uncomfortable moments on TV news

15 minutes of cringe inducing bloopers and casual sexism and racism from local TV news programs.

[via] Read the rest

Watch the best news bloopers of 2015!

Keep fucking that chicken.

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People fainting on live television: a very strange supercut video.

I guess people faint on live television rather a lot. Read the rest

Star Wars bloopers

Unexpectedly hilarious! Sound kicks in at 0:45s. [Video link] Read the rest

If you like watching actors giggle in silly costumes, then I've got an Avengers blooper reel for you

It's not common for Marvel to feature blooper reels as part of their DVD/Blu-ray special features because obviously, fictional superheroes and the people who play them are supposed to be perfect. However, Joss Whedon made this movie, and if there is anything he's taught us about gifted people tasked with protecting the universe from evil, it's that they are far from perfect. Sometimes, hilariously so. And so we have an Avengers blooper reel. Watch for Colbie Smulders "trying something out" for one of her more emotionally involved moments. UPDATE: Sorry about the YouTube video that ended up pulled this afternoon. You can watch the reel at io9. (via The Mary Sue) Read the rest