Star Wars, but it gets faster every time a shot is fired

The only entry in the "it gets faster" genre worth watching; the ultimate substitution of actual content with an indicate tone makes it. Read the rest

WATCH: Trump's apology with all the bullshit removed

Millionaire presidential candidate Donald Trump apologized last night for hot-mic boasting about groping women. He did drone on, though! So I edited all the bullshit out, leaving only the sincere and truthful parts. You're welcome. Read the rest

If they'd given Commander Riker his own Star Trek spinoff show, it would not be as good as this

They should have given the franchise to Jan van den Hemel. [via The Verge] Read the rest

Brian Williams and Lester Holt perform Rapper's Delight

Jimmy Fallon's off to a good start as host of The Tonight Show. [Video Link] Read the rest