Idiot faces jail for shutting down freeway to propose to girlfriend


Remember the cretins who shut down a busy freeway in Los Angeles several years back, forcing stalled drivers to listen to their musical performance? Or the marriage proposal that took place in the middle of the 10 freeway in West Covina in a cloud of pink smoke, stopping traffic for 10 minutes?

The latest chapter in the book of narcissistic assholes who enjoy causing massive gridlock on freeway systems used by ambulances, fire trucks, and people who get their pay docked if they punch in late is Vidal Valladares. He was arrested on Tuesday after he shut down Interstate 45 in Houston to propose to his girlfriend amidst the romantic clamor of honks and angry screams. He faces six months in jail and a fine of up to $2,000. He was charged with obstructing a roadway, a Class B misdemeanor. Read the rest

Millionaire fined after using children's gravestones to build a patio


Today in 1% villainy: UK property developer Kim Davies broke a bunch of laws when he used children's gravestones from a derelict church he owned to build an illegal patio at a historic home. Read the rest

Cats are jerks

How can something so fluffy and adorable be such a jerk? [ via ] Read the rest

Stalking the Paparazzi

[Video Link] A young celebrity lives four houses away from us, and our street is often filled with paparazzi. Two days ago, the cops came twice to deal with these jackasses. Vice made a video about them, called "Stalking the Paparazzi." (NSFW language) Read the rest

Company you've never heard of acquires copy and paste clipboard-molesting jerks to create an even bigger pile of shit

Tynt, the company responsible for inserting adverts when you copy text from websites, was bought by another company that specializes in "graphing" brand loyalty. Just imagine how much fun these guys are to hang out with! [TechCrunch via Daring Fireball] Read the rest

The Mean Men of coffee advertising

Shaun Clayton compiled a collection of scenes from old coffee commercials, which often shared a theme: "men being jerks to their wives about coffee." [via Peter Serafinowicz] Read the rest