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Spooky music made by abusing turntables and cutting up and reforming vinyl records

Knitmeapony sez, "This is the raddest, most atmospheric thing ever. All kinds of delightful, spooky distortions, creepy static, half-heard voices and mashed-up music, created by physically altering vinyl records and record players and manipulating them as they go. A serious delight."

Renaissance Space Invaders art

Artist Dan Hernandez painted a gorgeous series of frescoes depicting Space Invaders and other vintage game screengrabs as Renaissance and Byzantine art. They're hanging in a show called "Genesis" at the Kim Foster Gallery in NYC.

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Girl Talk's first official video: the ultraviolent "Tolerated"

Allen Cordell sends us Tolerated, "an ultra-violent music video I directed. It's Girl Talk's first official video ever!"

Mapping ecotpian jungles onto Google Streetview

Urban Jungle Street View is a Google Street View mashup that pulls out the 3D information latent in the Streetview database and uses it to map lush, ecotopian foliage over the surfaces of the buildings and street furniture. You can put your own address in and see your home covered in climbing jungles and explore from there, or use great architectural landmarks as your starting point. Shown here: the Flatiron building in midtown Manhattan, where my publishers are located.

Its creator, Einar Öberg, has created a ton of other amazing mashups based on similar principles.

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John Lennon/Van Halen mashup: "Imagine a Jump"

Might Mike's Imagine/Jump mashup has a lot of precision in its execution, a great tempo/pitch match. I can't say as it's the catchiest tune I've yet heard, but I can really appreciate the execution.

Mighty Mike - Imagine a jump (John Lennon vs. Van Halen)

Tiki Transformer

Mike "Nemo" Mendez created "TikiTPrime Warrior" for today's Transformer Show at Toy Tokyo. This is definitely a case of two great tastes that taste great together.

Custom-Feature: TikiTPrime Warrior by Nemo (via Neatorama)

King James Programming: Markov chain trained on the Bible and a comp sci textbook

Michael Walker trained a Markov chain with the King James Bible and Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, a classic computer science textbook. The result is King James Programming, a tumblr filled with comp-sci-inflected biblespeak. I could read it all day long.

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Christmas mashups: Santastic 8

dj BC writes, "I just dropped Santastic 8, the 8th annual Holiday mashup album in the series (10th if you count 'Menorah Mashups' and 'Re:Compostition'). This year we offer 14 new Christmas mashups, and one old one which was reissued because it is great and it matches the album cover so well. Contributors come from California, Atlanta, New York, Boston, Vienna, The Netherlands, Stockholm and Nashville."

There's some outstanding work here -- don't miss mojochronic's Lou Reed tribute at Track 12: "Lou Christmas (Without You)."

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Before GoldieBlox, Beasties plundered the "Girls" melody (fair and square)

While we're on the subject of unauthorized use of musical works: here's a timely (and fully rockin') reminder that the Beastie Boys plundered the melody of The Isley Brothers' Shout for Girls.

Beastie Boys Vs Isley Brothers - Girls Shout (Martinn Bootleg) (Thanks, Hondo!)

Juxtaposing random Tweets with unprotected IP-based CCTV intercepts

Michael writes, "When working on SurveillanceSaver (a screen saver displaying random unprotected IP cameras) in 2008, I placed early Twitter messages on the surveillance cameras' images. The results ranged from hillarious to Ballardian.

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Great Haunted Mansion fan-art

On Neatorama, Jill Harness rounds up her favorite pieces of Haunted Mansion fan art, and she's got some spectacular picks. I couldn't resist Icaron's MLP/stretching portrait mashup!

13 Great Pieces of Haunted Mansion Fan Art

Survey for the remix community

Michael from Public Knowledge sez, "As part of her Public Knowledge/Eyebeam residency exploring remix video, fair use, and takedowns, video remix artist Elisa Kreisinger is asking the remix community to participate in a short survey. The survey's findings will form a remix series and interactive installation where visitors can make their own mash ups, remove other peoples work and defend their own, in a trial of their peers, in real life and in real time." Cory 1

If JJ Abrams remade Galaxy Quest

Greg Nutt created this JJ Abrams-style trailer for Galaxy Quest, remixing the original. It's an interesting and entertaining exercise in form, and makes me wonder if you couldn't apply the treatment to practically any footage -- Local Hero? The Outsiders? A Day at the Races?

Galaxy Quest Alternate Trailer (Thanks, Earl!)

Mario-themed 8-bit Magritte remixes

"Our Princess is in Another Castle of the Pyrenees!" is a Tumblr devoted to 8-bit, Mario-themed recreations of Magritte paintings, each greater than the last.

Our Princess is in Another Castle of the Pyrenees! (via Neatorama)

Yarrly: free, anonymous remixed image-sharing app for Android

Dave sez, "Yarrly is an anonymous, remixable two-panel meme generator for Android. Users can make a Yarrly, and then it becomes as public as they make it by where they chose to share it. It's entirely anonymous - there are no profiles or login. Where it gets interesting is any Yarrly can be remixed by anyone who sees it - they can open the existing Yarrly on their phone, change up the images and text and send that on. It means you end up with remixes upon remixes as a meme morphs and changes as it builds. It's predictably dominated by cats during launch but it's a lovely little experiment in no-social and builds on the creators love of memes and remix culture. It was built in London over the last few months by Dave Ganly & Holly Clarke in their spare time."

Yarrly (Thanks, Dave!)