Video: Kittens in Space, by Jonathan "Song A Day" Mann

I'm recovering from yesterday's chemo infusion (my fifth!), and feeling kind of lousy. Jonathan Mann asked me this morning if he could write a song for me as his daily song project, and if so, if I had any theme requests. I was like, duh! Kittens, and space. And like a beautiful internet miracle, bam! Just hours later, he created the wonderful video above: "Kittens in Space."

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Lyrics follow.


Maybel and Jeremy
They put their space helmets on
Many months of training are about to pay off
They are feeling excited
And proud to be representing all the Kitten race
Maybel and Jeremy are going to space

Fuel gauge!
Double CHECK!
Laser pointer!
Ahhhh CHECK!

Kitties in space!

We're getting close to Mars
Send a message back to base
One small step for kittens
One giant leap for kittens in space!