Sunset magazine suggests dosing your family with cannabis gravy at Thanksgiving

Talk about being irresponsible, Sunset posted an article that suggests serving a "THC-laced turkey gravy" as a way to avoid, or smooth over, uncomfortable conversations with your family at the Thanksgiving table.

Thanksgiving is one of the best days of the year, filled with an overflowing table of food, football, and quality family time. It's also one of the riskiest days of the year for rational discourse, when family members with differing opinions gather round a roast turkey to air their grievances. This year, avoid it all by serving everyone a healthy dose of THC-laced turkey gravy…

Grandma won't care about your new tattoo after slurping up this stuff — in fact, she might want one of her own! Will your stuffy uncle ever stop talking? Maybe, after he eats this gravy (or at least you might not care what he says, after you've eaten it too).

In a role I'm not accustomed to being in, I'm going to be the the grown-up for a minute to say, unequivocally, DO NOT DOSE YOUR FAMILY (OR ANYONE) WITHOUT THEIR EXPLICIT CONSENT. Seriously, secretly slipping cannabis into their gravy, or anything, is NOT COOL. My pal Halcyon has a term for this kind of bad behavior, "Some people may think that secretly giving someone a drug experience is a gift, but it is NOT. Non-consensual dosing is 'Consciousness Rape.'" Strong term, I know. But, c'mon, really think about it for a minute.

If you do somehow manage to get everyone on board to get high on Thanksgiving gravy, you can buy it as a powdered mix from Kiva Confections for $5 at specific SF and LA dispensaries only.

Also: Sunset, what happened to you?!

Sunset: Chill Out Your Entire Family at Thanksgiving With This Cannabis-Infused Gravy

Thanks, Mimi!

photo by Adobe Stock (licensed)