Twitter CEO says "no" to an edit button

Too bad, Twitterers! Jack Dorsey said Tuesday that they'll likely never let people edit their tweets. "Live with your mistakes," adds James Vincent, "which include joining Twitter"

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey uses the power of his own website (Twitter) to answer frequently asked questions about one of the world's most popular social media platforms, Twitter! Is the Twitter bird's name really Larry? How can you identify a Twitter bot? Why does Twitter have a character limit? How do you get verified on Twitter? Jack answers ALL these Twitter-centric questions and much, much more!

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Sunset magazine suggests dosing your family with cannabis gravy at Thanksgiving

Talk about being irresponsible, Sunset posted an article that suggests serving a "THC-laced turkey gravy" as a way to avoid, or smooth over, uncomfortable conversations with your family at the Thanksgiving table. Read the rest

Guinea pig ice cream is a thing

In Ecuador. Read the rest

Brown recluse spider extracted from woman's ear

Allergies. A sinus infection. Neglecting to swallow often enough as the plane your riding in depends towards your final destination. A head cold. There's hundreds of reasons why your ears might be too plugged up to hear anything but the sounds of your throat taking a swallow or the beating of your heart.

Here's another fabulous cause.

From Fox 4 Kansas City:

A not so itsy, bitsy spider not found on a waterspout. Instead, doctors removed a brown recluse spider from the ear of Susie Torres.

"Gross. Why, where, what and how," she asked.

Torres, who despises the creepy, crawly arachnids, said she first noticed some discomfort in her ear Tuesday morning.

"I woke up Tuesday hearing a bunch of swooshing and water in my left ear. It was like when you went swimming and you have all of that water in your ear," Torres said.

At first, she just thought it was the effects of an allergy shot. But when she went to get her ears checked out, it turned out to be much more.

"The medical assistant came to check me out, and she`s the one who noticed it," she said.

With the help of a few tools and a bit of magic, doctors removed a dime-sized brown recluse spider from her ear.

Holy shit.

Somehow, the medical staff on duty, managed to extract the dangerous spider from Torres' head without the thing injecting her full of venom. That's fabulous news, considering the fact that the bite of a brown recluse spider can turn flesh necrotic leading to large areas around the bite needing to be amputated or, you know, death. Read the rest

Dog is seriously freaked out by this duck

When you say you're super into the great outdoors and nature and -- something weird shows up. Read the rest

Nordstrom removes $790 Gucci 'Indy Turban' that looks identical to Sikh headwear

Gucci’s new $800 ‘Indy Full Turban’ was not a good idea. Read the rest

TSA finds military rocket-propelled grenade launcher in Florida man's luggage

It was non-functioning.

Kids react to sitting on Michael Myers' lap for a photo

Jimmy Kimmel and his team played a new prank on kids this year. He set up a free Halloween photo stand.

He explains:

“We asked some parents who were walking by our theater if they wanted their kids to take a Halloween picture -- the same way you take a picture with Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny -- but we told them this picture would be with Michael Myers. And believe it or not, lots of parents sent their children right in.”

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These People Pot Pies will make you want to skip dessert

People. Pot. Pies. Read the rest

New theme park ride induces vomiting by independently spinning on three different axes

Six Flags Great Adventure debuted their newest thrill ride Wednesday, the 7-story-high CYBORG Cyber Spin. The Jackson, New Jersey theme park claims their gyroscopic anti-gravity attraction is a first of its kind in the United States (Europe's had one since 2015.)'ll board a 24-seat gondola and prepare to take to the skies. As the ride raises off the ground, the ride begins to spin on all three axis independently as the movements grow larger and faster and you fly head-over-heels for an out-of-this-world ride like nothing you've ever experienced before. As the spinning slows, CYBORG brings the axis back together and lowers you back to earth.


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Woman was unintentionally blowing her brains out, for years

Back in 2013, Kendra Jackson was in a pretty nasty car accident. The vehicle she was in was hit, hard, from behind. The force of the impact propelled Jackson's head into the dash in front of her. She recovered from her injuries and got on with her life. A few weeks after the crash, however, she came down with a serious case of the sniffles. She'd sneeze, cough and blow her nose throughout the day. In bed, the fluid running down the back of her nose from her sinuses would make her cough and keep her up at night. It had all the hallmarks of a bad cold. But bad colds don't typically last for years at a time. She saw doctors for the problem. They told her that all the stuff running out of her head was likely due to allergies.


Seeking out a second opinion, Jackson discovered that what she thought to be snot was actually due to a cerebrospinal fluid leak (CSF): her head was leaking brain fluid.

From Newsweek:

“This fluid serves the function of providing mechanical protection of the brain through cushioning or buffering, as well as playing a role in its immunologic protection,” Dr. Brad Marple, chair of otolaryngology at the University of Texas Southwestern’s Peter O’Donnell Jr. Brain Institute, told Newsweek.

“Normally, it is contained within the water-tight confines of the skull, but occasionally an area of disruption can develop between the intracranial cavity and air-filled spaces within the skull. The sinuses are examples of air-filled spaces within the skull that share a thin common wall with the intracranial cavity and serve as a common route for a CSF leak.

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Science paper's abstract has one word

Do Large (Magnitude ≥8) Global Earthquakes Occur on Preferred Days of the Calender Year of Lunar Cycle? Read the rest

Watch a waterfall suck swimmers through a rock into a cave

Pedra Que Engole means "swallowing rock," an accurate name for a small Brazilian cave accessible only via waterfall. Read the rest

Listen to senate gasp out loud when McCain votes no on health care bill

Last night the GOP had another failure – this time to pass the "skinny repeal bill," which lost to a 51-49 vote. John McCain's "no" was the night's big surprise vote, with audible gasps – as well as some clapping from the Democratic side – which you can watch and listen to here. Read the rest

Spectacular footage of desert ants versus antlion death traps

Namibian desert Hotrod ants have evolved to tiptoe around to avoid baking to death in the unrelenting sun. But other dangers lurk, like these terrifying real-life sarlacc pits created by antlions. Read the rest

Cockpit view of landing a plane in terrifying crosswinds

Pro pilot steveo1kinevo makes great cockpit videos of some pretty crazy flights, like this Bahamas trip with a crosswind so wicked he had to "crab angle" the plane at about 45 degrees for the whole approach.

What's amazing is how smooth the landing is. And if you're wondering about the weird effect on the propeller from the outside mounted cam, it's an artifact of the camera's rolling shutter.

Stressful max crosswind landing in The Bahamas (YouTube / steveo1kinevo) Read the rest

Baptizing praying mantises forces the devil out

In this video, a man partially immerses a praying mantis in water, thereby forcing the hairworms possessing it to leave. That the mantis also dies, according to one commenter, is not because the videomaker left it in the water to drown alongside the infestors. [via]

The worm digested the insides of the Praying Mantis. While inside, it keeps the nervous system from collapsing, but upon existing the Mantis immediately dies. So the Mantis isn't dead yet at the start of this video, its close to being a zombie, so not really alive either.

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