Jim Munroe's THEREFORE REPENT as a free download

Jim "Angry Young Spaceman" Munroe sez,

I've released Therefore Repent! as a CC licenced pdf, cbr and cbz
download. ("It's completely nuts… It's a book about what if the
Rapture actually happened, and that's all I'm gonna tell you." -Junot
Díaz, 2008 Pulitzer Prize Winner for Fiction)

I'm hoping people will dig it enough to preorder the first issue of the
Detroit-set continuation, Sword of My Mouth #1, at their local comic

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Jim Munroe's new novel in 88 blog entries

Jim Munroe — the author of the wonderful anarcho-science-fiction novels Flyboy Action Figure Comes With Gasmask, Angry Young Spaceman, Everyone in Silico and others; and a former managing editor of AdBusters — has a new novel out, whose premise is that it is the blog of the roommate of a demonness. — Read the rest

Jim Munroe's Everyone in Silico

My pal Jim Munroe's new novel, "Everyone in Silico," is out. Jim's a former editor at AdBusters, and his science fiction novels (FlyBoy Action Figure Comes with Gas-Mask, Angry Young Spaceman) are satirical political sf in the grand tradition of Pohl and Kornbluth's The Space Merchants. — Read the rest

My pal Jim Munroe and

My pal Jim Munroe and his buddy Sandy live across the street from each other in Toronto's Kensington Market. They have strung up a laundry-line between their apartments, and they're using it as a "semi-public art-space." They invite local artists to come and sit up in their apartments, and the guest artists create and pass works of art back and forth on the line with clothespegs. — Read the rest

GIFs, texts, serials: new ebook frontiers

In the decade since publishing embraced ebooks in earnest, we've seen a cornucopia of exciting and innovative ways technology is being used to enhance reading. By utilizing all the tricks at our Internet- and device-savvy disposal, publishing companies are creating stories that are manifested in and influenced by the digital platform. — Read the rest

Hapheads season one, all in one go!

Hapheads, the incredible crowdfunded science fiction drama (previous) is about to get its NYC premiere at Games of Change, and to celebrate, the creators have put all 75 minutes of season one online as a single video, without interruptions.

Fallen Toronto: a calendar of Toronto's bleak sfnal future

Jim Munroe writes, "We've put our science fiction visions of Toronto's future together in a 2015 calendar called FALLEN TORONTO as a new Kickstarter reward for backing our neo-noir sci-fi webseries HAPHEAD. If you live here you can shiver in nameless dread all the year round, and if you live elsewhere you can revel in schadenfreude at the fall of our socialist den of iniquity."

Vodo's indie science fiction bundle: comics, movies, novels, and more!

Jamie from Vodo writes, "We've launched Otherworlds, our first indie
sci-fi bundle! This pay-what-you-want, crossmedia collection includes the
graphic novel collecting Cory's own 'Futuristic Tales of the Here and Now',
Jim Munroe's micro-budget sci-fi satire 'Ghosts With Shit Jobs',
Robert Venditti's New York
Times Bestselling graphic novel 'The Surrogates', and Amber Benson/Adam Busch's
alien office farce, 'Drones'. — Read the rest