Yacht-attacking orcas are just typical teenagers

a three jumping killer whale in the water

Orcas in the Iberian Peninsula have been attacking boats for years. Hundreds of yachts and fishing vessels have been rammed or had their rudders smashed, and several have been sunk. The reason behind the attacks has been a mystery. Now a multi-year study of the orcas' behavior has been published, concluding that the apparent attacks are just young orcas playing. — Read the rest

Methodist pastor busted for dealing meth

In Woodbury, Connecticut, police arrested Herbert Irving Miller, 63, pastor of United Methodist Church, for allegedly dealing meth. Makes sense.

According to police, he had made the unorthodox decision to offer the drug to couples in exchange for the opportunity to watch them having sex. — Read the rest

World's largest cruise ship, "Icon of the Seas," which includes the largest swimming pool at sea and an "Ultimate Family Townhouse" costing $100,000 per week, sets sail on its first voyage

Icon of the Seas, Royal Caribbean's newest ship, is the largest cruise ship in the world (previously). It set sail Saturday, January 27, out of Miami on its first voyage, a sold-out seven-night Caribbean cruise. The massive ship, which cost 2 billion dollars to build, is 1200 feet long and weighs over 250,000 gross tons. — Read the rest

Scientists invent fireproof fuel

Engineers at the University of California, Riverside (UCR) have invented a new type of "safe" fuel that won't ignite unless an electric current is applied, making it safer than conventional fuels that can ignite from a flame.

The new fuel is based on an ionic liquid, a form of liquefied salt with a lower melting point than table salt and low vapor pressure. — Read the rest

HP covers printer's USB port with warning sticker to make sure you don't go right ahead and use it

HP wants you to print things through its cloud service, wherein you pay a subscription fee for ink and your usage is routed through its servers. To encourage you to do this, it covers the USB port on one model with a sticker with a No Smoking-style "No USB" logo on it–lest you simply plug in your printer and start printing things with it before you've endured the hard sell via network setup. — Read the rest

Celebrating the 35th anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation with mixed-media meme art

Andrew Wodzianski is a DC-area artist whose work often riffs off of nerdy pop cultural touchstones and ephemera. His pieces make references to comic books, 8-bit video games, monster movies, and tabletop gaming.

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation, September 28, 1987, he created pieces of meme-styled art that draw inspiration from the Star Trek coloring books and ship blueprints of his youth. — Read the rest

Arctic Shipping Routes are melting early. It's good for trade, but not the planet.

The Northern Sea Route along the Bering Route has typically been open for passage from July to November. The rest of the year, the Arctic ice is just too thick for any ships to pass. In 2020, a Russian tanker was able to make the trip from the Yamal peninsula down to Northern China as early as May:

The LNG carrier passed through the Bering Strait and entered the Pacific Ocean on May 31 and the ship is expected in the port of Tangshan in northern China on June 11 after a 25 day voyage, compared to 36 days through the Suez Canal.

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Modeling with plastic sprues

I have always had a thing for sprues, the plastic frames used in the injection molding process and to hold model parts in place. Anyone who does any scale modeling or tabletop game modeling likely has tons of this stuff lying around (if you don't throw it all away). — Read the rest

Meet the most fossil fuel-friendly member of Biden's cabinet

US Representative Cedric Richmond (D-LA), who served as the national co-chair for the campaign of President-Elect Joe Biden, has been named a senior adviser for the Office of Public Engagement (formerly the Office of Public Liaison). The position deals largely with issues of "public policy" — which, in the Biden administration, means a lot of domestic climate policy. — Read the rest

Misstopia — Simon Stephenson's word for a world where everything has missed its intended mark due to human error

Simon Stephenson, author of the new novel, Set My Heart To Five, wrote the following exclusive essay for Boing Boing. — MF

Welcome To The Misstopia

When I moved to Los Angeles in 2013, there were no mosquitoes here. Maybe it was not a wonder on the scale of the Pacific Ocean as seen from Malibu's Point Dume, or even just the outlandishly-sized produce in my local grocery store, but it was one more way in which the Golden State lived up to its name. — Read the rest

What is a "Bomb Train" and why has the Trump administration legalized them?

From Rolling Stone:

A new Trump administration rule relaxing guidelines that govern the transport of liquefied natural gas could create "bomb trains" with enough explosive power to level whole cities, environmental groups say. A coalition of organizations led by the nonprofit Earthjustice has sued the administration, challenging the rule, which is scheduled to go into effect on Monday.

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Internal docs reveal that Canada's Exxon subsidiary knew about climate change risks and lied about it for decades

Imperial Oil is Exxon's Canadian subsidiary, with control the majority of Canada's tar sand oil — the filthiest, most climate-damaging oil in the world. Calgary's Glenbow Museum has a largely unregarded archive of historical internal Imperial Oil documents, which were retrieved by Desmog and the Climate Investigations Center and turned over to The Intercept.

Chinese enthusiasts are serving global Thinkpad fans by making modern motherboards that fit in classic chassis from the Golden Age of the Thinkpad

After Lenovo bought out IBM's Thinkpad business, they began to tinker with the classic and famously immutable laptop designs: in small ways at first, and then in much larger ones. I buy a new Thinkpad every year (I promised myself a new laptop every year as a dividend from the savings when I stopped smoking) and the first decade's worth were practically perfect: they ran various GNU/Linux flavors without a hitch, the hard-drives were swappable in two minutes by removing a single screw, and the keyboard could be replaced without any tools in less than a minute.

Apple's new bootloader won't let you install GNU/Linux — Updated

Locking bootloaders with trusted computing is an important step towards protecting users from some of the most devastating malware attacks: by allowing the user to verify their computing environment, trusted computing can prevent compromises to operating systems and other low-level parts of their computer's operating environment.