7-pack of disposable fountain pens in assorted colors for $12

I got this set of 7 fountain pens last year for my daughter, who is studying art in college. She's been incorporating them into her work. The pens have a stainless steel nib and come in seven different ink colors. I just ordered set for myself. Read the rest

Sakura pen and brush pen set

My daughters have been using Sakura pens and I ended up getting a set for myself. I just bought the 8-piece set on Amazon that includes a brush pen (so you can vary the line width) and a graphic pen (for thick lines). The ink is very black and doesn't smear when you erase pencil lines below it. And at $10 for the set, it's a good deal. Read the rest

Good colored pencil set

We got the Ohuhu 48-color colored pencil set ($(removed) on Amazon) so we could review the coloring books Carla gets for Wink. They are a lot better than I expected, especially for the price. The pigments are rich, and shading and blending effects are easy to achieve. They don't look waxy on paper, like cheaper pencils.

As for a sharpener, nothing beats the classic Brass Bullet. Read the rest

Micron pens for drawing

On Saturday, my 13-year-old daughter and I spent a couple of hours sketching, which is one of our favorite activities. I was copying out of a book called Rendering in Pen and Ink, and Jane let me borrow her Micron pens. I loved using these pens. The ink is very dark and was perfect for practicing cross-hatching and the other techniques described in the book. They are inexpensive, too. A set of six Micron Pens, with line widths ranging from 0.20mm to 0.50mm, costs less than $(removed) on Amazon. I just bought a set for myself.

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Charcoal sketching is more fun

My kids and I like to sketch together on the weekends. My older daughter and I also frequently go to a weekly figure drawing session here in LA. For me, using charcoal sticks is more fun than pencils or pens, because it's faster and I can work on shading.

The Royal & Langnickel Small Tin Charcoal Drawing Art Set ($(removed) on Amazon) has a good selection of different kinds of charcoal for drawing. My daughters are starting to like charcoal, too, so I bought sets for them. If you enjoy charcoal drawing, you should also get a white stick for highlights.

Here are a couple of my sketches:

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Modeling clay sets my daughter's imagination free

Living in a place where my daughter frequently has to find creative ways to entertain herself provides me with endless entertainment. Luckily, if I keep her well stocked with art supplies, I get a constant flow of awesome, cute constructions, paintings, drawings and sculpture. Modeling clay is always a win!

Hannah made this tiny sculpture of herself, a penguin and she tells me that sheep looking thing is Nemo. I think she went seriously abstract on the dog. Also, please note the tons of pet hair on everything in our home.

I hope my daughter enjoys it as much as I do.

ALEX Toys Artist Studio 24-Piece Rainbow Modeling Clay Set via Amazon Read the rest