Nostalgic tour of an endangered institution: the model shop

Lindybeige takes viewers on a wistful tour of a Helsinki model shop while remembering the now-closed shop of his youth. Read the rest

Kitchen knife made from aluminum foil

kiwami japan (previously at Boing Boing) shows us how to turn a pack of kitchen foil into a ready-to-chop kitchen knife. See also the pasta kitchen knife and the chocolate kitchen knife. Read the rest

Brett Kern's next-level ceramics look like inflatables

Sculptor Brett Kern makes fabulous ceramic pieces that look like vinyl inflatables. Read the rest

Enchanting and whimsical papercraft buildings

Zim & Zou make these delightful hand-cut paper buildings for their Forest Folks display in Dubai. Read the rest

Are you kidding me with these miniature clay animals?

Dayna Corbitt of WhimsyCalling makes impossibly cute clay figurines of whimsical and mythical animals. Read the rest

Guy restores a century-old letterpress to perfect condition

Jimmy DiResta kept passing by a 1911 Chandler & Price letterpress sitting out in the rain. After buying it from the neglectful owner, he spent several years lovingly restoring it, eventually learning how to print with it. Read the rest

A brief history of poisonous wallpaper

Lucinda Hawksley has printed 275 color facsimiles of Victorian wallpapers in Bitten by Witch Fever. Beyond their lovely design, the vibrant wallpapers shared a common trait: they were pigmented with lethal arsenic. Read the rest

Watch glassblowers craft a massive vessel for 90 minutes

Imagine trying to shape a red-hot 75-pound glob of honey for 90 minutes, and you'll better appreciate watching as Davide Salvadore creates a vessel in his signature Muranese style. Read the rest

Insanely detailed model tree made of wire

Luke Towan makes a lot of gorgeous model railroad items, but his tutorial on making tiny trees using wire, latex, glue, and paint is especially cool to watch from start to finish. Read the rest

Modeling clay sets my daughter's imagination free

Living in a place where my daughter frequently has to find creative ways to entertain herself provides me with endless entertainment. Luckily, if I keep her well stocked with art supplies, I get a constant flow of awesome, cute constructions, paintings, drawings and sculpture. Modeling clay is always a win!

Hannah made this tiny sculpture of herself, a penguin and she tells me that sheep looking thing is Nemo. I think she went seriously abstract on the dog. Also, please note the tons of pet hair on everything in our home.

I hope my daughter enjoys it as much as I do.

ALEX Toys Artist Studio 24-Piece Rainbow Modeling Clay Set via Amazon Read the rest

I buy googly eyes in bulk

Everything in my home is looking at me! You'd be surprised, when you have a bag of 500 googly eyes, what they get glued to!

This is a bargain price for an art supply my daughter loves having around. I doubt I'll ever need a second bag, but if I do $2.99 is really not a problem.

These eyes do not have an adhesive backing! You will need to glue them to things. Glue Stick works well for the 8 year old, and makes it easier to remove them from odd places.

It is a lot of fun sticking eyes in weird places.

Watch them wiggle eyes, Black(500 PIECES) - BULK via Amazon Read the rest