Watch this cobbler do a magical restoration of a totally thrashed pair of dress shoes

In this episode of Trenton & Heath, master cobbler Heath Potter resurrects a totally thrashed pair of Ferragamo loafers. You may think that 26 minutes is a long time to watch someone restore a pair of shoes, but just allow yourself to be enveloped by the artisinality of it all. The time will fly by and perhaps, like me, you will leave the experience deeply regretting having donated that pair of beat-up wingtips in the back of your closet. Read the rest

Interesting 1959 documentary on the art of gold beating

Pathé shot this cool documentary of British artisans turning gold blocks into gold leaf. There's clearly a lot of remarkable skill involved, but there's also a remarkable lack or hearing protection around some very noisy machines. Read the rest

Li Ziqi making paper by hand

This calm and relaxing video depicts Li Ziqi making paper by slicing and drying tree bark, soaking it in water, slow-boiling it with ash under burlap, fastidiously cleaning it, crushing it, chopping it up, muddling it with a gigantic mortar and pestle, then smoothing the resulting cellulose slime on a floating mesh rack. Paper! There's even a funny twist ending.

Li Ziqi's channel has many other beautifully-shot videos of things -- mostly simple but laborious meals -- being prepared from scratch. Read the rest

Watch this artisan install a vertigo-inducing tile floor

What better way for a ceramic tile company to advertise their wares than in their own hallway? Casa Ceramica released a cool video showing how they created their trippy hallway in their Manchester offices. Read the rest

Watch artisans make Freddie Mercury's Blue Plaque

Freddie Mercury's childhood home in London will now have a blue plaque, the UK's acknowledgement of a significant historical person or place. This endearing film chronicles how it was made. Read the rest

Spectacular, swirling custom-built stone walls and furniture

Stonemasons Andreas Kunert and Naomi Zettl of Ancient Art of Stone elevate the art of stonemasonry with carefully designed and positioned decorative stone walls. Read the rest