BMW Motorrad to sell "M" class bikes?

BMW Motorrad, the fun BMW that makes the motorcycles, may release some 'M' class bikes. 'M' in the world of Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, the boring fuckers who make the cars and SUVs means 'this one is supposed to be fast.'

In motorcycle land, we use "S" for SPEED.


A recent trademark filing suggests that BMW Motorrad has patented ‘M 1000 RR’, ‘M 1000 XR’ and ‘M 1300 GS’. It’s still unclear whether this is a collaboration between the two sub-divisions at BMW, or simply a new naming convention. The rumor comes on the back of BMW’s latest trademark filings with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

BMW Motorrad currently uses the ‘S’ moniker for its range of motorcycles especially in the premium end of the scale. Currently, the M badge is reserved for the performance-based variants of the regular models and in the future for potential standalone models.

This post serves as a welcome excuse to share a photo of my R90S. Read the rest

Seems like a lot of money for a motorcycle with an unattractive fairing

The 1977 BMW R100RS was produced 1 year after the BMW R90S. The fairings were designed by the same guy, the legendary Hans Muth.

I think the S fairing is the greatest thing ever. I hate the RS fairing, but my personal BMW guru and advisor, Dan, assures me it quite beautiful.

$18,500 beautiful? I have seen the RS on Craigslist for $3500-6500 in fantastic shape. Monsters cut them up and make cafe racers out of them. This bike must be in FANTASTIC shape.

MaxBMW shares very little info about why this bike is worth your consideration.

1977 R100RS Previously restored by MAX BMW and serviced regularly since 2011. Excellent shape bike that is ready to ride! Full list of work available upon request.

It will totally crack me up when we see this bike purchased and then hacked into some unfaired thug cafe racer with knobby tires and a high pipe. Read the rest

Automotive hi-jinx from 'Trafic'

Came for the classic BMWs, stayed for the fun.

(Thanks, Airheads!) Read the rest

The German auto industry started conspiring on diesel emissions in the 1990s

In the 1990s, Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Porsche, Daimler and other German auto-makers formed a secret pact to price-fix a diesel emissions control substance called AdBlue, according to Der Spiegel, who cites memos from those meetings that VW and Daimler have sent to German competition enforcers. Read the rest

Gabby Giffords rides an airhead

Former U.S. congressperson Gabrielle Giffords pictured with her lovely /5 toaster. Read the rest

Cycleworld celebrates the iconic BMW R90s

Peter Egan has written a wonderful tribute to my favorite motorcycle of all time, the legendary BMW R90s.

The R90s was a hail mary play by BMW. Having realized that their stoic, stolid, black-mit-white motorcycles were boring the shit out of everyone who rode them, BMW decided to build a super bike. What the world got was sheer poetry, the R90s is one of the most beautiful mechanical devices of all time.

Under that lovely styling, mechanical details (overseen by engineer Hans-Gunther von der Marwitz) included twin front discs, aluminum-alloy wheels, Dell’Orto pumper carbs, and a five-speed transmission. The boxer twin was punched out to 898cc and rated at 75 bhp at 7,200 rpm. Cycle World’s 1974 testbike did the quarter-mile in 13.05 seconds at 103 mph and recorded a top speed of 123 mph. Cycle magazine reported that its testbike actually pulled away from a 900cc Z1 Kawasaki in highway roll-on contests at any speed, in any gear.

Well then. I ran right down to our local BMW/Norton/Suzuki dealership (where I was about to order a new Norton Commando) to look at the bike and quickly realized that BMW had finally produced a motorcycle I wanted. I looked at the R90S from every angle and immediately decided it was a classic for the ages.

The 1976 Daytona Orange example above is mine. Read the rest

For Sale: 1975 BMW R75/6, "likely haunted"

I've had an interesting run with this motorcycle. It is probably haunted, and really doesn't want to go to Los Angeles.