Short story: Schrödinger's Hat Box

In April of 2019 I gleefully packed up my home of 11 years. While fantastical in retrospect, during the marathon packing session I remember thinking that once on the market my lovely oceanfront home would sell instantaneously, and I would be off to an exciting new life. Read the rest

The artist behind these spellbinding witch hats almost stopped making them after her first one

These stunning felted-wool witch hats are the handiwork of a Kentucky-based fiber artist named Kate.

The world of fantasy felted creations is her full-time job now. On top of creating them, which she sells in her shop Felt Wicked Art, she also teaches felting workshops all over the United States and offers downloadable tutorials to would-be hat makers. But she writes that she nearly gave up after making (and selling) her first hat at a craft fair:

I made a few "normal" hats before making my very first witch hat. It would be unrecognizable today as my style, with just a few wrinkles and some embellishments. At that point it was really more of an experiment and I was actually a little self-conscious of it. I took it to a craft fair though and it to my surprise it sold that day. It was a relief that someone else thought it was interesting too, as some part of me still just wasn't sure. And I almost didn't make any more. I didn't want to go through that vulnerable process of making something unique and then asking people to give me money for it. In the end though I just couldn't stop myself from making another one, and then another one, not necessarily because I even wanted to sell them but just because I loved the hats so much! I'm glad I stuck with it."

We're glad you did too!

Kate's bewitching hats are available through her Etsy shop and her website. Read the rest

A painful device to punish hat thieves

In 1911, inventor Frank P. Snow invented this "hat guard" to inflict a painful punishment on any creep with the gall to steal a chapeau belonging to another gentleman. From Weird Universe:

A thief could take the hat, but if he tried to put it on, a "guarding prong" would jab into his skull. The prong locked in place and could only be moved if you knew the code to the combination lock.

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Say 'good riddance' to 2017 with these NYE party hats

There's a "Party Hats for Grownups" store and it's got all you need to say "good riddance" to 2017 in cone-shaped, elastic-under-the-chin style.

The first one pictured above shows a bunch of dumpster fires with the words "adios" and "bye."

When flat, the second one, called "The Shit," looks like this:

And the third, "The Adios," like this:

A set of five (one style) is $10.25.

(swissmiss) Read the rest

"Fuck Trump" and "Immigrant" hats benefit ACLU

My friend Gabe created these fun "Fuck Trump" and "Immigrant" hats! All profits go to the American Civil Liberties Union! Gabe says:

On a personal note, making these hats has been a profound and grounding exercise in connecting with others from across the world that I would not have connected with otherwise. I know that the issues we face are complex and that Trump represents much greater forces than just him alone. I also know that this is but a small way to make a difference, but I do believe that it's important to express our dissent and let people know where we stand; that we will not be bullied by him or his supporters.

(And yes, that's Helena Christensen rocking the "Immigrant" hat below.)

Buy "Fuck Trump" and "Immigrant" hats

And follow Fuck Trump on Instagram!

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A hat brush for brushing your hat

Got lint on your felt fedora? You need a hat brush. Read the rest

The Hat Jack not only actually works, but you will probably make your hat too big

My enormous head is about 62 centimeters around. That's 24 inches. This has had two consequences for my life. Firstly, no matter what I do, I look vaguely like a bobblehead doll. Secondly, hat acquisition is a problem. Read the rest

Life Aquatic beanie, my favorite winter hat

"Son of a bitch, I'm sick of these dolphins."

As it is cold out, I've taken to wearing my Team Zissou beanie most days, and nights. For $10, delivered, you too can emulate the greatest adventurer never to sail the 7 seas.

The stop light symbol differentiates it from my Cousteau one.

The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou Knit Hat Stoplight Red Beanie via Amazon Read the rest

A tiny fedora for your manbun

It "unites the best of contemporary styles in hair and hats for young men," writes an unbylined author at Capitol Hill Seattle [via Stylite, via Dan Savage] Read the rest

When stalking medieval rooftops, remember to remove your pointy metal hat

The GIF doesn't quite convey this one. (It's called a capirote, apparently!)

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San Francisco Hat Company makes an awesome fedora

If you are bald, awesome, and need a hat, I heartily recommend the San Francisco Hat Company.

I have several of their lovely fedoras. They are well made, fit well, re-block easily, and have lasted me years.

Don't let others tell you what to wear.

"Cock your hat - angles are attitudes." -- Frank Sinatra Read the rest

Watch: 400 years of hats

GQ looks at the last four centuries of fashion in men's hats. And yes, it includes the porkpie hat from Breaking Bad. Read the rest

Felt animal hats

Barbara Keal makes unusual felt hats, perfect for cold winter mornings and pagan orgies. [via Trendland] Read the rest

Why the fedora grosses out geekdom

The fedora draws increasing controversy in internet circles. In just one hour I found no less than three Tumblrs related to shaming people who wear the creased, curve-brimmed hat—formal with a touch of classic dandy—and the censure is interestingly specific. The targets are usually men.