Family Feud contestant thinks she knows what Popeye's favorite food is, but she's wrong

Oh my gosh, this poor gal is never going to live this down. Eve, a contestant on Family Feud Canada**, screwed up her family's chance to play for $10,000 by incorrectly answering the world's easiest sudden-death question: "What's Popeye's favorite food?" Oof! Let's hope she's at least offered an endorsement deal from a certain fast food chain.

Even crazier, watch these unaired outtakes:

**Am I the only one who didn't know there was a Canadian version of Family Feud?

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'The kidney has a very special place in the heart' —Trump, signing kidney health executive order

“The kidney has a very special place in the heart,” President Donald J. Trump said today, just before he signed an executive order on kidney health care. Read the rest

Facebook totally blew its own 'we banned the bad guys' PR stunt

Facebook says the ban rollout took longer than planned.

Man learns life lesson: Don't remove sweatshirt while on a treadmill

"I meant to do that."

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IRS E-File system crashes on Tax Day because LOL nothing matters

Congratulations, America! The electronic federal tax filing system offered by the Internal Revenue Service so you can file your taxes today just crashed. Read the rest

When you're singing about being the only passenger in the subway car, and then realize you're not

A woman named Stevie was so stoked to have an entire subway train car to herself, that she started singing a song about it while recording it with her phone. Then she noticed someone else was in the car too and got a little embarrassed.

Thankfully for us, her friend Adam Broud got hold of the footage and posted it on the internet, where it went viral:

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Make your own 'Lesa Hall' style portraits

Remember the botched retouching on those family portraits I recently shared? (Who could forget?!)

Well folks, there's already a tutorial on how to retouch images like the photographer Lesa Hall did. Finnish photographer Antti Karppinen shows the way.

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Photographer botches family portraits in the funniest way possible

When the Zaring family had their family portraits done, they had no idea they'd end up looking like cartoon characters in the photographer's final edits. Read the rest

McDonald's Black Friday oopsy tweet

McDonald's accidentally tweeted this late Thursday night:

While the internet was having a field day deciding if the tweet was intentional or not, McDonald's copped up to the boo-boo with this tweet nine hours later:


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Ding, Dong, Trumpcare's Dead: GOP Health Care Bill Collapses With 2 Senators' Dissent

The GOP's 7-year promise to "repeal and replace Obamacare" ends in a flaming pile of fail. Read the rest

Bridge demolition fails in spectacular fashion

A large crowd came out to watch The Broadway Bridge in Little Rock, Arkansas be demolished. Either the bridge builders were very good, or the demolition team was very bad (maybe both), because the bridge withstood an impressive explosion. Read the rest

Super Mario being Super Bad: Epic compilation of edited fail videos

“Super Bad Mario” is a YouTube series of internet “fail videos” edited and compiled with the titular character from the Super Mario Bros. game, being his mischievous little self. Read the rest

Watch a giant domino tower fall after 7 hours of building with 3,242 dominoes

Epic fail.

What is described as “America’s largest domino tower” collapses on camera, after 7 straight hours of building. Read the rest

Gallery of poor design choices

Sauces that look like car polish. Windshield cleaner that looks like blue soda. Atrocious architecture. Unintentionally sexual signage. Confusing instructions. Enjoy this gallery of lousy design. Read the rest

Organic chemistry textbook: The rhinoceros is a hybrid of a unicorn and a dragon

Analogies are tricky things. One minute, you're trying to find a clever and memorable way to illustrate molecular bonding of hydrocarbons ... the next you're suddenly Napoleon Dynamite and all your zoologist friends are yelling at you.

This image, apparently taken from a real textbook, is part of an excellent Tumblr blog of textbook fails called "Thanks, Textbooks". You should check it out. Read the rest

USPS Calendar Fail

On the 31st of November, the world ends. Read the rest

IOS6 maps fail so hard, a Tumblr is born

You know you have an issue when someone brews up a Tumblr to mock you: Read the rest

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