Tyke, a minimal notepad app for the MacOS menu bar

If you're one of those people who constantly dips into a text editor to work with snippets of text -- notes, lists, quotes, URLs, and so on -- you'll love Tyke. A free app by Andre Torrez, it lives in the MacOS menu bar and replaces those barely-used editor windows cluttering desktop and dock. The Susan Kare-esque icon is maybe my favorite thing about it, suggesting a missing feature of Macs going back decades. Read the rest

Pissjar is a typeface you can almost smell

Pissjar Sans is a free typeface evoking the unique letterforms of urine on cotton fabric. What's remarkable about it is the fastidious attention to detail and workmanship evinced by type designers in pursuit of what could easily have been something dashed off and doomed to dafont.com obscurity. They really put their backs into it.

HOW WAS IT DONE? We built a custom frame and tried out loads of different fabrics, using some good pieces of worn bed sheets with the perfect absorbency to cover the frame. Then we just started to pee a lot, one letter per pee session. When the bladder was empty we had like 5 seconds to photograph the frame before it bled out. After that we vectorized the photo and edited it with a font software.

HOW LONG TIME DID IT TAKE? The peeing took approximately six months, plus about a month or so to finish up the font.

DID YOU CHEAT? Well, we worked on the R for like two weeks until we gave up and had to recreate it from three different peeing sessions.

Perfect for wedding invitations and children's birthdays. Read the rest