Steampunk wrist-keyboard in a leather buckler

Etsy seller Brute Force Studios has leather, steamed-out buckler with an equally steampunk wrist-keyboard/touchpad, which talks to your computer over Bluetooth and just, you know, wow.

Don't call it the ZunePad

After Microsoft announced its in-house Surface tablet, the critical response was warm but cautious. It looks good, but we just don't know enough about it. One sign that it's a contender: Microsoft's omnifailing tablet partners are already hating it publicly. At Gizmodo, Mat Honan zeroes in on the most interesting feature: the innovative-looking hardware keyboard. Read the rest

New Keyboard Cat is pretty great

It's Caturday. Watch: Charlie Schmidt's Keyboard Cat REINCARNATED! (via Sean Bonner)

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Rii Mini Wireless Keyboard

I know only that I want it, not what I want it for.

Rii Mini Wireless Keyboard [Brando] Read the rest