Watch the best shots of amphibians eating fireflies

Sometimes a toad or frog just wants a light snack. Read the rest

“Conversations with my Toddler” video series, in which grown man plays role of little girl

Matthew Clarke created a long-runnning video series of actual conversations he had with his daughter, who was 2 when his web video project began. Read the rest

Golden eagle snatches kid

The bird looks small when it's far away, but oh god nope that's one of those Hobbit-carrying guys and that kid is off to Mordor.

Kid builds working farm equipment out of Lego

Avi sez, "Warren Seely tore apart his first tractor engine when he was six. When he was about 12, he started making farm equipment out of LEGOs. Warren's LEGO equipment works just like the real thing -- only smaller."

(Thanks, Avi!) Read the rest