The new poster for Les Misérables looks familiar

I'll include just a tease here, but Universal has released a new poster for its epic-looking Les Misérables -- and it's a new take on an old image. Head to the movie's official site for the full look (or The Hollywood Reporter for a smaller version), and compare it to the classic poster for the Broadway show. Rather than try to sell us on the movie's huge stars, Universal went with selling the musical and chose Isabelle Allen, who plays the young Cosette (Amanda Seyfried's character), to step into the classic pose. I think that's pretty classy, don't you? (via The Hollywood Reporter)

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In case you need to be impressed today, here is the cast of Les Misérables performing all their musical numbers live

You might be a cynic when it comes to movies adapted from Broadway musicals, and that's fine. They're not for everyone. But no matter what you might think of Les Misérables or its cast -- Russell Crowe, Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried, among others -- you will undoubtedly be impressed by the approach taken by director Tom Hooper and the other filmmakers. Because they had their cast perform all the songs from the musical tragedy live on set, as opposed to being pre-recorded in a booth and then cleaned up later for a lip-sync on-set. It brought the actors to a different emotional place than a lip-sync ever could. (For example, let's just give Anne Hathaway her Oscar now.) But mostly, it makes this musical make sense.

Go ahead -- let this extended preview of Les Misérables shake your Grinchy core. You might need this today.

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