The secret history of Marxist alien hunters

From the early days of the Russian Revolution through the space race and Cold War, a small but dedicated collection of communist UFOlogists believed in and sought out signs of extraterrestrial life, believing that discovery aligned with their goals of raising up the worker. Read the rest

Harpo Marx v. Milton Berle, 1959

Germy Shoemangler sez, "On the Kraft Music Hall, Harpo plays the clarinet (and blows bubbles out of it), accuses Milton Berle of using cocaine, and holds up seven fingers on one hand when asked how long he's been playing the clarinet. A surreal moment in late '50s TV.

Harpo was over seventy years old when he made this appearance, and he was younger than ever."

It's true: Harpo was always the embodiment of anarchy: funny, relentless, and steadfastly unserious. If I can't honk, I don't want to be a part of your revolution!

Harpo Marx & Milton Berle 1959 Kraft Music Hall

(Thanks, Germy Shoemangler!)

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Econopocalypse: the Marxist animated whiteboard explanation

Marxist sociologist David Harvey gave a great presentation analyzing the econopocalypse in Marxist terms at London's Royal Society for the Arts. The talk is animated with high-speed whiteboard doodles from Cognitive Media, a treatment that is really a top notch of augmenting complex lectures (I was so impressed with it, in fact, that I just stumped up for another year's membership at the RSA).

Communism and the financial crisis, cartoon edition

(via Making Light)

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