Superb Owl 2019

Space owls. Read the rest

Superb Owl 2018

This owl was a gift from an absolutely lovely woman. I declare it Superb Owl 2018. Read the rest

Another Echo Dot, another owl

This owl shaped Echo Dot holder lives in my bathroom.

I'm addicted to Echo Dot. I keep one in my office, one in the kitchen, and now one in my bathroom. I treat the Dots like radios and listen to the news briefing and podcasts.

This is my kitchen owl.

Zehui Owl Shape Smart Home Guard Owl Statue Crafted Guard Station for Echo Dot via Amazon Read the rest

Superb Owl 2017

Here is another photo. This is the best pitcher in the Superb Owl.

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50 Superb Owls near San Francisco

I live near San Francisco, where there seems to be a thing going on for Superb Owls. I like owls. Here are a few. Many were gifts, some I have collected. The one pictured above is by artist Gus Harper.

This is a pitcher. My friends, who know about Superb Owls, tell me there are no such thing as pitchers in the San Francisco Superb Owl, but here is proof of a Superb Owl pitcher.

My Mom gave me these Superb Owl salt and pepper grinders.

Two for one. And an impossible bottle, from Jaimie D. Grant.

I found the decanter and pitchers on eBay or in thrift shops. My parents gave me the adorable mug. I've got more owls, but I'm coming up short of 50. Add yours in the comments! Read the rest