I tried Odlum's Irish Brown Soda Bread mix

I tried the popular Irish brand Odlum's Irish Brown Soda Bread mix to see if it was better or easier than my standby recipe. Read the rest

Meet Twitchy, my new dashboard owl

A post shared by Jason Weisberger (@jlw) on Mar 6, 2018 at 2:50pm PST

Better than Jesus, this cute, solar-powered owl is twitching away on my dashboard.

I've always wanted to have a bobblehead on my dash, and I still don't! This owl comes close tho! He twitches his center section about once every second, when in moderate to direct sunlight. As my '87 Vanagon shakes so much, and the suspension is rather whimsical, Twitchy doesn't need the sun to move around.

The marketing says Twitchy is 'dancing' but he seems to just be really, really edgy.

Solar Power Motion Toy - Owl, Dancing via Amazon

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Owl and dog are friends forever

Tanja Brandt shares her videos and photos of Ingo the German shepherd and Poldi the owl. The two have been fast friends since Poldi was a hatchling. Read the rest

My favorite coffee mug depicts owls

I share with you my favorite coffee mug.

Years ago my mother gave me this lovely, lovely coffee mug depicting several owls.

I searched for another but misread the maker's mark as "Muana."

My mother has given me many owl shaped coffee mugs, and doesn't remember giving any specific mug, let alone where she bought it.

The maker's mark actually reads "Mara." Mara makes a whole line of animal-themed ceramic mugs.

Now I have a set of 4. I mismatched owls as I like the other styles too. All owls tho. Don't mess with other animals.

One (1) MARA STONEWARE COLLECTION - 12 Oz Coffee Cup Collectible Square Bottom Dinner Mugs - Night Owl via Amazon Read the rest

Lovely owl jars for your kitchen or laboratory

I love decorating with owls and I use a lot of bell jars to store stuff in my kitchen. I ordered 77oz and 53oz versions of this great owl jar from Amazon!

There is also a 40z jar, but I haven't gone there yet. Read the rest

Another Echo Dot, another owl

This owl shaped Echo Dot holder lives in my bathroom.

I'm addicted to Echo Dot. I keep one in my office, one in the kitchen, and now one in my bathroom. I treat the Dots like radios and listen to the news briefing and podcasts.

This is my kitchen owl.

Zehui Owl Shape Smart Home Guard Owl Statue Crafted Guard Station for Echo Dot via Amazon Read the rest

Wooden 3D Owl puzzle

This Owl helped make a recent road trip a lot more fun!

Simple to construct by following the numbers, this is a cute Owl-y way to pass some time.

3D Wooden Owl -- $8 via Amazon Read the rest

This cabin shaped like owls would be a hoot to rent

Need a little time away to reconnect with nature? Head to France and go off the grid in this delightful wood cabin shaped like three owls. Read the rest

Rare video of a white owl swimming through a canyon

Here's something you don't see every day, a swimming owl.

In late 2016 Derrick Zuk and some pals were hiking through a canyon in Lake Powell (between Utah and Arizona) and discovered this great horned owl as it started swimming in the water. Zuk waded behind the white bird to capture this rare footage.

While it looks rather beautiful, National Geographic reports that this behavior is a "last resort" for the bird:

In an email with National Geographic, Geoff LeBaron, the Christmas bird count director at the National Audubon Society, noted that the owl—which still has some of its nestling feathers—is likely a young great horned owl that has only just begun to explore the world beyond its nest.

"I suspect it actually fell out of the nest," said LeBaron. "In the West especially, great horned [owls] do nest on ledges on cliffs, often in raven or other birds' nests that they take over." He suspects the young owl could have also fallen out of its nest or faltered during an early test flight.

"This bird is young enough that the parents were probably still caring for it, so hopefully once the folks go by, the bird dried off and its parents found it," LeBaron offered.

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I keep my Amazon Echo Dot in an owl

I liked this owl and wanted it on my kitchen counter, so I purchased an Echo dot. Read the rest

Watch ultrasensitive microphones barely register owls flying

This remarkable demonstration of a pigeon, a falcon, and an owl flying past six extremely sensitive high-end microphones shows just how quiet owls are when they fly. Read the rest

Kitten + Owlet + Coffee equals cute

Hukulou Coffee in Osaka has several owls, but Fuku the owlet and Marimo the kitten are the star attractions, as they have become very good friends.

The posts below have some very cute recent videos.

Lots of great fan art on their Twitter feed, too.

Hukulou Coffee (Twitter) Read the rest