Reinvented, a new magazine about women in STEM written by women in STEM

Yesterday, Sherry Huss, former Maker-in-Chief of Maker Media, did a Facebook post about a new magazine, Reinvented, which has just released its second issue. The magazine, available in both print and digital formats, is written about women in STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) by women in STEM. Read the rest

Reddit mob threatens 16 year old girl coder with rape threats and abuse

When Harshita Arora, 16, posted about her cryptocurrency price tracking app on Reddit, she was falsely accused of plagiarism and then abused online and even threatened with rape by men who couldn't accept that she'd created the app without a man to help her. Arora, who lives in a small town in India, studied computer science in school and was accepted into an MIT summer program where she learned to build apps.

From Taylor Lorenz's story in The Daily Beast:

Streams of hate poured in. Arora’s email was flooded with abusive language, disturbing messages, and veiled threats.

Redditors attempted to discredit her and call her a liar. They said only an older, more advanced programmer, probably a man, could build an app like hers.

“I doubt the girl herself came up with the idea and hired the contractor(s) herself. She’s a 16 year old girl, she doesn’t have the wherewithal or funds to do it herself (hiring the contractor, or coding the app),” one commenter wrote. “She’s trying to look pretty for boys in her class, worrying about what the bitch Jessie said to Brittany about Cloe who likes Brian even though he so likes Ciara, and sitting in her room listening to 21 pilots or whoever. That’s my take anyway.”

At first, Arora attempted to respond to the messages in earnest. She tried to show her work and respond to the accusations.

She was shocked to see a man she considered to be a friend turn on her and bash her in public as an untalented fraud.

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