Watch a new World Yo-Yo Champion in action

Shu Takada, 20, is the 2017 2A (Two Handed Looping style) World Yo-Yo Champion. He took the title last week at the global tournament in Reykjavic, Iceland.

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Meet yo-yo virtuoso Coffin Nachtmahr

"There are kids who had a security blanket; I had a security string," says Coffin Nachtmahr.

Invisible Thread, directed by Early Light Media. (National Geographic)

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The Duncan Butterfly, world's greatest yo-yo

My daughter wanted a yo-yo, and I knew that only one would do! The Duncan Butterfly!

I spent hundreds of hours playing with one just like this! We randomly got the same green I had as a kid. Just holding the yo-yo in my hand, and feeling the wings in my palm, brought back amazing memories. I immediately pulled off "Walk the Dog," but then hit myself in the back of the head with "Around the World."

Maybe she needs one of her own. I'm not sure I can share!

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Watch Kazuya Murata, competitive yo-yo's child prodigy

Murata aka YoYoBaby is becoming a YoYoMan before our eyes as he continues to refine his remarkable yo-yo skills. He's a child prodigy who burst on the scene several years ago. Read the rest

Video: World Yo-Yo Champion

World Yo-Yo Champion Gentry Stein in action. Read the rest