The greatest looping yoyo

YoYo Factory's Loop 2020 is their top of the line competiton looping yoyo.

YoYoFactory already made a really fantastic looping yoyo, the Loop 1080, before they partnered with the world champion, Shu Takada, to make one even better. This super customizable looper sports an interchangeable axel, spacers and response system. You can swap starbursts out for different types!

I love this yo-yo but will be back to my Duncan Imperial when a daughter or niece swipes this one and loses all the parts.

Here is how the world champion sets one up!

While I have long held a preference for string-trick yo-yos like the Duncan Butterfly, I have been playing with loopers lately.

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Thanks to Doc Pop, there's going to be a yo-yo emoji

About a year ago, professional yo-yoist (and hand-knit Pac-Man Icelandic peysa wearer) Doc Pop submitted a proposal for a yo-yo emoji. He's just learned that it was approved!

He explains how he made it happen (fascinating!) in his most recent PopCast:

Last year I started working on a proposal for a yo-yo emoji, with the helps of my friends at Emojination. It’s been an interesting experience and I’m really excited to say that it’s been officially accepted by the Unicode Consortium. Expect to see it in Unicode version 12, early next year.

Here's what the yo-yo emoji will look like:

You can submit an emoji proposal too. Check it out. Read the rest

Watch a new World Yo-Yo Champion in action

Shu Takada, 20, is the 2017 2A (Two Handed Looping style) World Yo-Yo Champion. He took the title last week at the global tournament in Reykjavic, Iceland.

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Meet yo-yo virtuoso Coffin Nachtmahr

"There are kids who had a security blanket; I had a security string," says Coffin Nachtmahr.

Invisible Thread, directed by Early Light Media. (National Geographic)

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The Duncan Butterfly, world's greatest yo-yo

My daughter wanted a yo-yo, and I knew that only one would do! The Duncan Butterfly!

I spent hundreds of hours playing with one just like this! We randomly got the same green I had as a kid. Just holding the yo-yo in my hand, and feeling the wings in my palm, brought back amazing memories. I immediately pulled off "Walk the Dog," but then hit myself in the back of the head with "Around the World."

Maybe she needs one of her own. I'm not sure I can share!

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Watch Kazuya Murata, competitive yo-yo's child prodigy

Murata aka YoYoBaby is becoming a YoYoMan before our eyes as he continues to refine his remarkable yo-yo skills. He's a child prodigy who burst on the scene several years ago. Read the rest

Video: World Yo-Yo Champion

World Yo-Yo Champion Gentry Stein in action. Read the rest