Michael Bublé performed a private concert of Christmas songs for a trio of gorillas

The lucky apes — Ganyeka, Yakini and Motaba — currently live at the Werribee Open Range Zoo in Melbourne, Australia. According to PRI, one of the zookeepers discovered that the silverback gorillas responded quite positively to Bublé's dulcet tones:

When we play Michael Bublé's CDs, the boys will instantly start pleasure grumbling and sit nice and calm and relaxed. Our theory is it’s the beautiful low tones that he sings with kind of mimics their pleasure grumble. And they’ve even been shown to hum little food songs when they eat, and we think [Bublé] must really resonate with that sound.

So as long as Bublé was in Australia anyway, they got him to stop by the zoo and surprise the silverbacks with a little private croon.

Canadian singer delights his gorilla superfans with Christmas songs [María Elena Romero / PRI]

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And now, eight hours of vintage department store holiday music

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The Monkees recorded a new Christmas album

Hey, hey... the surviving Monkees -- Micky Dolenz, Michael Nesmith and Peter Tork -- are putting out their first Christmas album next month. It's called Christmas Party and it features songs they've recorded with other groovy musical artists, including the vintage vocals of late Monkee Davy Jones.

Rolling Stone:

Christmas Party features new songs written by Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo (“What Would Santa Do”) and Andy Partridge of XTC (“Unwrap You At Christmas”). Novelist Michael Chabon and Schlesinger collaborated on “House of Broken Gingerbread,” while R.E.M. guitarist Peter Buck and Scott McCaughey of the Minus 5 wrote the title track and play on a cover of Big Star’s “Jesus Christ.” Nesmith didn’t write any songs for the album, but he does sing lead on “The Christmas Song” and “Snowfall.” Other tracks on the album include “Wonderful Christmastime,” “Angels We Have Heard on High” and “Merry Christmas, Baby.”

Christmas Party drops October 12th. Pre-order it at Rhino Records. (Don't worry. If you still play the LDB game during the holiday season, don't worry, there's NOT a recording of Little Drummer Boy to be found on this album.)

Thanks, Josh!

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The Christmas Booty Song magically ushers in the decorated holiday butt

Because "ironic sweaters are so last week," the crew at Good Mythical Morning upped their ugly holiday game with their hilarious "Christmas Booty Song." Bravo, a new tradition is born!

But wait, there's more...

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After eating ghost peppers, this Danish boys choir sings a Christmas carol

This Danish boys choir attempts to plow through "Oh Come, All Ye Faithful" after each downing a whole (ghost?) pepper. A sadistic YouTuber and "chilienthusiast" by the name of Chili Klaus gave each one of the members of the Herning Boys Choir a super-hot pepper to eat before trying to sing the Christmas carol over again.

One of the camera operators for the shoot, redditor YetACleverUsername reports:

[Chili Klaus] had a selection of different peppers for the participants, from which the kids could choose themselves. This is also why it varies greatly in how affected they happen to be. I don't know how spicy the lower end was, but the strongest chilis he brought, I believe, were these https://www.pepperscale.com/bhut-jolokia-chocolate/. However these were mainly meant as an option for the older guys, unless they were really insistent.


You see how they storm off in the end? There was milk prepared in the chamber off to the side. How quickly they recovered also varied a bit. I believe one or two of them puked, and a few definitely were dry-heaving. But honestly, they handled it far better than I was expecting.

There were a select few who needed a longer break, but in general they were quickly back to being excited/getting pictures taken with Chili Klaus. He also brought a big crate filled with chilis which they were allowed to take some from. So I imagine their friends and family suffered quite a bit over the next couple of days as well.

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'Kick the Balls (of Patriarchy)' and other cheeky on-topic hyrrs, ie. feminist hymns

We've seen a lot of dark come to light this past year. In response, ad agency Grey London paired with Goldstein Music to spice up some Christmas musical favorites with these seven feminist hyrrs.

Fast Company reports:

Titles include “Kick the Balls” (set to “Deck the Halls”), “Oh Sexism” (set to “Oh Christmas Tree”), “We Want An Equal Salary” (set to “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”), “Stereotypes” (set to “Silent Night”) and more.

The series of seven songs “Hyrrs: Festive Hymns Made Feminist” covers issues including body shaming, workplace inequality, sexism and harassment, and is available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify, and Apply Music, with all proceeds going to Refuge, a national U.K. violence charity to support women and children in need.

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Merry Mixmas: another mashed up Christmas with DJ Riko

DJ Riko writes, "Pour a glass of egg nog and break out the gingerbread -- DJ Riko is back with another Merry Mixmas (MP3)." Read the rest