Just look at this banana peel trucker hat (for a banana)

Just look at it. Contributed to the Boing Boing Flickr Pool by BB reader Laser Bread, who explains:.

My kids were grumpy at breakfast this morning, so I had this idea to make a quick banana peel trucker hat for the banana to wear using the peel of the banana. This cheered them up and it made the banana look relatively hip.

How to make:

1 or 2 bananas. One to make the hat, one to model the hat. This could also be made using one banana. Carve the shape of the hat using an x-acto knife. Leave one of the banana peel sides longer, to make the rim of the hat. Most bananas come with a little sticker. Use this sticker to serve as the logo on the hat, if you want your hat to have a logo.

Simple project, takes about 5 minutes yet the memories will last a lifetime.


    1. Funny how, as adults, we are sometimes programmed to see something completely other than a banana with a cap on.

    1. Additional note:  you should first procure one or more bananas from a reputable fruiterer, by way of an exchange for legal currency, or goods or services.

  1. Yeah yeah yeah NusPee jokes.  But did anybody notice that Xeni posted this and not Corey?  Go figure….banana overlords have arrived?

  2. OK, I fully realize this is the far edge of pedantry, but would this not be a banana baseball cap and not a banana trucker cap?  Trucker hats being defined as having a mesh (or at least non-homogenous material) as the rear portion.  This is banana peel through-and-through, like a baseball cap.

  3. it’s a chiqita banana, I don’t really understand why people keep buying from chiquita, they are evil and responsible for massacres in southamerican countries. sorry to be a buzzkill, it is indeed a most creative achievement,  it’s just a little creepy for me.  if oyu don’t know what I’m talking about 

    1. First world countries exist because of all the exploitation done in other countries

  4. Oh great, now all the other fruits and vegetables will want one too.  Beanies for broccoli, Top Hats for tomatoes, fedoras for apples and on and on.   When will it ever end.   

    1. …kepis for kohlrabi, berets for beets, shakos for shallots, crowns for currants, tarbooshes for turnips, pillboxes for peaches, busbees for broad beans, cloches for clementines, papakhis for peppers…

      … and HAZMAT helmets for durian. It isn’t alliterative, but entirely necessary.

  5. Smiling-happy…. Although as awesome as this is, I’ll still hang out for Lynyrd Skynyard one.

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