Oh, look! A fidget tool

When you can’t wait for the world’s longest meeting to end, the mindless leg bouncing makes your boredom obvious and just annoys everybody else. Everyone knows the TPS reports need the damn cover sheet, but some sadistic colleague keeps forgetting, probably on purpose just to eat into your lunch hour. Enough is enough!

While serving a sentence in the conference room can be hellishly dull, you can zen it out by keeping your hands busy under the table (not that kind of busy, gross). This Stress Spinner helps you refocus on what matters most—that weird mole on Dave’s neck. Ahem, productively getting through the meeting, that is. With a smooth ceramic center bearing, you can spin it silently to help ease your wandering mind and hone back in on the waves of corporate synergy.

After enough practice, you’ll be able to pull it out of your pocket already spinning without missing a beat. Pick up this Stress Spinner for 66% off, just $19.99.

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A slingshot loaded with tiny glowing airplanes

What could be more fun than a slingshot that shoots tiny airplanes? A slingshot that shoots tiny glowing airplanes of course! These toy planes are outfitted with ultra-bright LEDs, so you can fly all night without losing them in the trees.

Whether you are a regular-sized child, or an overgrown adult one, these light-up flyers offer endless entertainment. With three included, you can get into some midnight shenanigans with your two best friends (or with kids if you're into sharing or whatever). Launch them through the air with the rubber band sling, or just toss them by hand to see who has the strongest aviator arms.

Each member of the fleet is complete with red-hot flame decals to ensure that you’ll be the reddest baron at the park. Pick up these LED Toy Planes for $19.99, reduced from $24.99.

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You should be flossing with water

You know the drill. You go to the dentist and they ask you how often you floss. You lie through your teeth and say, “every day!” (Bonus points if you have some cilantro or chives stuck in your gums from lunch). You don’t want to keep up the charade any longer, but rubbing that tiny strand of nylon between your pearly yellows is tedious at best, and painful at worst. There has to be a better way.

Fortunately, this water flosser will transform you from Steve Buscemi-lookalike to a paragon of dental hygiene. The battery-powered flosser shoots thin jets of water in the crevices of your gums like a gentler power washer to hose off the most stubborn bits of plaque. Plus, it’s been clinically shown to clean your mouth faster and more comfortably than normal floss.

This kit includes a full set of dental cleaning tools and four color-coded tips to let multiple members of your household use it without gross cross-contamination. Lowered from $149.99, get the Aqua Flosser Water Flosser here for just $38.99.

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Raspberry Pi 3 can do crazy things - learn some of them here

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has done outstanding work packing a fully capable desktop computer into a package the size of a deck cards—especially one that only costs $35. But if you already have a working laptop, why should you care? Oh, how much you have to learn. Besides operating well as a compact digital media hub, the Raspberry Pi is an exceptional tool for Internet of Things construction, programming robots, hacking, and a whole slew of other cool stuff thanks to accessible, general-purpose inputs and outputs, and an open-source operating system.

If you are planning on ordering one of these single-board wonders (or impulsively bought one without any idea of what to do with it), this Raspberry Pi 3 training bundle will give you a nice taste of what you can do with it. Here’s some of what you'll learn:

Cybersecurity fundamentals with a Raspberry Pi equipped with Kali, the Linux distribution focused around network penetration testingHow to link several Raspberry Pi boards together to perform complex parallel computationsAdvanced networking and web development techniques that use the Raspberry Pi as a file and web serverRaspberry Pi-powered roboticsThe foundations of IoT devices

With over 20 hours of instructional material spread across six targeted courses, you’ll get more than a taste of what this delicious platform is capable of. Get the Complete Raspberry Pi 3 Training Bundle for 91% off—just $19.

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Ruin someones morning by turning hot drinks into a kids toy with these LEGO-friendly mugs

Custom coffee vessels are the perfect piece of office flair, but it’s just a matter of time before your VOTE FOR PEDRO mug will start to lose its relevant wit. Why not have a new one every day, with whatever silly nonsense you want sticking off the sides? You can save big on your novelty coffee cup budget with the Build-On Brick Mug.

Do you want Batman villains sticking feet-first out of your mug? A blocky medieval chalice? A second coffee mug attached to your coffee mug? A mug on wheels? The possibilities are endless! When the boss gets wind of your constant creative output, you’ll be running the place in no time.

Made from BPA-free plastic, this cup holds 12oz of liquid, so yes it does have utility beyond fun. Get the Build-On Brick Mug for 50% off the sticker price—just $19.99.

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Much like thunder, these 10' long Lightning cables are so cheap it is frightening

The Lightning port has thus far resisted the cruel fate that befell the headphone jack, and despite rumors that it may be disappearing come iPhone 8, for the present and foreseeable future, Lightning cables are a hot commodity for iPhone users. As such, we must make do in this strange time in which long, glorified strings are desirable objects. So go ahead and indulge in these 10-foot long Lightning cables, giving you extreme flexibility while you charge.

These Lightning cables offer over three times the normal reach of a standard power cord and are 100% MFi-Certified, so you can use them safely without fear of frying your $800 slab of glass. This pack even includes three of them, so you can keep one plugged in behind the bed, one by the couch, and one by the other couch for near-infinite battery life.

But seriously, having a cord that will wrap behind a chunky office desk or comfortably reach the back seat of a car is a definite improvement. Also remember that three of these still cost less than one Apple-branded Lightning cable. Get a 3-pack of 10-Ft MFi-certified Lightning cables for $20, reduced from the usual $89 price.

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This smartphone mount was made for an active lifestyle

All the filters in the world won’t save your smartphone pics from a shaky hand. To really step up your mobile photography game, you’ll need some kind of mount to hold it steady. You could buy a smartphone attachment for a conventional camera tripod, but who wants to carry that kind of gear everywhere they go?

The Gekkopod offers extensive flexibility thanks to its bendy legs, and secures smartphones tighter than a rubber band wrapped around a finger two dozen times. You can use it as a quadrupedal stand to keep your phone out of the dirt, wrap it around branches for high-vantage shots, attach it to a backpack strap, or even upgrade to make it compatible with your GoPro.

Made with waterproof material, this rugged camera companion folds up into a pocketable bundle so you can take it anywhere. You can get the Gekkopod Mobile Smartphone Mount here for $19.95, that’s 20% off the sticker price. Read the rest

Cut the cable cord intelligently with this HD antenna

The forced transition from analog to digital TV signals was probably met with relative indifference from people with Netflix subscriptions and the “I don’t even own a TV” snoots. But anyone living in the vast swaths of the country that don’t have guaranteed high-speed internet, broadcast TV is a perfectly valid (and 100% free) way to consume media—you’ll just need some new digital hardware.

This HD-BLADE digital antenna gives you high definition access to news, live sports and other broadcast-only content without an expensive cable subscription. Just mount it near a window with 3M adhesive and you’ll have all your local channels in an instant, without the pain of stream buffering or tedious account logins. Obviously you can’t skip the commercials, but think of it this way: it’s the cheapest way to catch those priceless local car dealership and personal injury lawyer ads. You can cut the cord but still get the best of the broadcast world.

Easily fixable for the best reception, this antenna can pick up signals from up to 25 miles away. Usually $48.99, you can pick up the Solid Signal HD-BLADE Slim HDTV Antenna for just $15.99. Read the rest

Magnetic simplicity has come to micro USB charging cables

When Apple revealed the new MacBook in 2016, one of the biggest issues raised with the notebook’s new design (aside from ire over the slew of new adapters you’d inevitably have to buy) was the removal of one of its most beloved proprietary features, the magnetic charging cable. Thankfully, third-party peripheral makers have taken up the slack to bring the satisfying click of a magnetic charger to tons of new devices, including that new MacBook, Android phones, and other micro USB devices.

This MagCable does exactly what it says on the tin: provides a magnetic cable connection with an unobtrusive plug that stays in your phone’s charging port. With a firm, but breakable link, you can save your device’s Micro USB port from unwanted strain. And you can easily plug and unplug your phone in the dark one-handed thanks to a reversible magnet.

This cable includes two magnetic tips, so you can grant magnetic powers to a second device or to save in your drawer as a backup. You can get the MagCable Magnetic Micro USB Cable for 31% off, at $21.99. Read the rest

Test whether or not you need a Dramamine when you use a VR headset

Lately virtual reality has been touted as the future of movies, games, journalism, and even sex. Unfortunately, most consumer VR still requires investing in some not-insignificantly expensive equipment. You can, however, get a taste of the VR hype with just your smartphone and this budget-friendly headset.

The VRX10 Virtual Reality Headset is 3D-compatible with most smartphones, adding depth and immersion to movies, TV, YouTube videos, and games. Although there definitely isn’t a Youtube-scale repository for VR media yet, there are plenty of sources for VR experience and experimenting. The VRX10 is a neat way to view 360-degree photos on Facebook, New York Times VR, as well as the Google Cardboard media library.

We're not saying the VRX10 is Oculus Rift by any means, but VR is only going to become more prevalent and more portable - this is just an affordable chance to check out this new technology and see if it gives you motion sickness. You can get the VRX10 Virtual Reality Headset for 71% off right now at $19.99. Read the rest

Master the Adobe Creative Cloud here and become a meme factory

Adobe has long been the industry leader in creative software. Its enduring popularity might be due to the relative ease of pirating Photoshop and the internet proliferation of amateur editing, but more likely it's the result of outstanding interoperability between its professional apps. Mastering every entry into their ever-expanding roster of image-making tools may be overkill if you're not a design professional, but getting up to speed with their most common offerings is not just doable, but a valuable resume point and genuinely useful skill.

To gain expertise in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere, take a look at this Training Bundle. With the Photoshop course, you’ll dive into the monolithic image editor and learn a full set of photo retouching and digital painting techniques. Once you understand the depth of graphics manipulation, you can discover Illustrator’s powerful vector-editing capabilities to make infinitely scalable artwork, edit typography, and craft clean icon and logo designs. Finally, you can explore professional video editing and color correction using Premiere.

With this trio of programs under your belt, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a multimedia production powerhouse. Learn them all in the Adobe CC Essentials Training Bundle—just $29. Read the rest

This Mac app lets you edit PDF files. Straightforward, yeah, but awesome.

PDFs are a double-edged sword. On one hand, even the most tech-averse can easily open and print them out without screwing anything up, making them the quintessential format for sharing documents. But if you're sharing PDFs back and forth a lot, their shortcomings become apparent pretty quickly. Because they are optimized for paper printing, modifying content requires going back to whatever program created them.

PDF Expert lets you edit text, images, hyperlinks, and more natively inside PDFs. Unlike most PDF viewers like Preview, Adobe Reader, and the one in your browser, PDF Expert can merge multiple documents into a single file to free your colleagues from email attachment hell. It’s also perfect for adding inline annotations and filling out digital forms, so you can save trees without sacrificing the convenience of paper.

Additionally, PDF expert makes it easy to extract embedded media from documents, so you don’t need to rely on awkward screenshots to save images and logo files. You can get PDF Expert 2.0 for Mac for 50% off the usual price—just $29.99. Read the rest

A bluetooth speaker that keeps your drinks cold. Yeah, yeah, just go with it.

Like an app-controlled faucet or a WiFi-enabled fire extinguisher, the words “Bluetooth Cooler” might make you think of a rejected internet-of-things concept. But trust us, adding wireless technology to products isn’t always "innovation for the sake of innovation."

Read the rest

Want Python to be more than a snake to you? Buy this bundle.

For newcomers to programming, deciding which language to learn first can be tough. Beginner-oriented languages can have limited power, making them hard to sustain long-term. Fortunately, one of the most popular languages around, Python, is both incredibly powerful and easy for novices to pick up.

In this Python bundle, you will grow your programming skills by building real-world applications. Aside from programming fundamentals, you will explore subjects like big data analysis and using python to power dynamic websites.

Growing your programming skills is easy with Python’s human-readable syntax and over 70 hours of instructional content. For a limited time, you can get The Python Power Coder BONUS Bundle for $44. Read the rest

This Mac app bundle is the first to offer access to every future version

With the user-friendliness of MacOS X and its suite of capable built-in apps, it’s not always easy to see the allure of third party apps. Sometimes, however, the defaults just don’t jive well with power users looking for more functionality and configuration.

With an array of apps for media creation, file management, and personal security, this Mac Bundle has something for anyone that needs more than a web browser and FaceTime.

Now, we know people tend to get tripped up and irked by "lifetime" deals that expire well before you do. Well first, that's because "lifetime" refers to the lifetime of the specific product, not you, unfortunately. Second, that often typically means just the minor upgrades; iOS 9.1 to iOS 9.2 for example. What's different about this bundle is that it truly does mean lifetime - the first of its kind on the web. No tricks or technicalities, you'll get access to every single minor update and major version upgrade to every single app included as long as upgrades are still happening. That's like iOS 9 to iOS infinity, all for free. 

Here's a taste of what you'll get:

Secure, cloud-free password management with Sticky Password PremiumService-agnostic remote backups and cloud storage with Arq 5 and CloudMounterProfessional 4K video processing with CameraBag CinemaHome WiFi network mapping and optimization with NetSpot ProNetwork and disk privacy monitoring with Hands Off!

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. As an added bonus, in celebration of Pi Day, readers can get a bonus $3.14 off your purchase if the total value of your cart is over $30 for the next 48 hours. Read the rest

Keep your private life private (please.) with this simple webcam cover

Take a look around your office at your coworker's laptop webcams. You probably see a lot of janky, crooked tape. (If you don't, please direct your coworkers to this page.) Not to be Petey Paranoia, but like, webcams are pretty easily hijacked, as evidenced by the CIA, that Black Mirror episode, that Mark Zuckerberg Instagram post, that Pennsylvania school district, and, well, tip of the iceberg and all that. There just may never be a more urgent tech security issue with a more simple solution.

Yeah, tape will do the trick, but it can also damage your webcam if left on too long, and, well, you don't hang a picture with tape for a reason. The stuff peels. Here's a simple solution to all of the above. Nope Webcam covers aesthetically blend with your laptop while covering your webcam completely. Mounted with 3M adhesive that will last significantly longer than tape, these covers are also magnetic, allowing you to easily move them when you actually do need your webcam. And they're pretty cute, too, right?

Reduced from $21.99, you can get a 6-pack of Nope webcam covers for $14.99.

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Time to learn how to actually use that camera you insisted on buying in high school

Even the biggest, most expensive DSLR will shoot bad photos if the person behind the camera is a total dweeb. Instead of keeping it on auto and taking tons of unnecessary exposures, why not actually learn your camera’s manual controls? To get some expert instruction in the tools and theory behind capturing images, check out this Photography Masterclass.

Understanding your camera settings is just step one of this comprehensive course. After learning to balance shutter speed, aperture, and ISO, you’ll take a deep dive into what actually makes a photo compelling: composition, subject, light, and post production. By studying situational photography, you'll gain insight into creating beautiful images no matter where you shoot.

Additionally, the curriculum includes advanced training on choosing appropriate lenses, lighting, and setting up helpful stabilizing equipment. With 13 hours of high-quality content, you can start your path to photography mastery. You can pick up this Photography Masterclass for just $20 today.

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