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Drawn and Quarterly's mammoth twenty-fifth anniversary collection

776 pages commemorating a quarter-century of Canada's outstanding, astounding indie comics press, including essays by Margaret Atwood, Jonathan Lethem and Lemony Snicket, and featuring seminal stories from Jillian Tamaki, Chris Ware, Adrian Tomine, and Art Spiegelman.

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Statistics Done Wrong: The Woefully Complete Guide

From a brilliant Web-rant to an indispensable guide to the perils of statistics and their remedies, Alex Reinhart's Statistics Gone Wrong is a spotter's guide to arrant nonsense cloaked in mathematical respectability.Read the rest

The Atlantis Ship, free via Kindle Unlimited

The Atlantis Ship (Carson Mach Space Opera) (Volume 1)

Appearing out of legend, The Atlantis Ship has attacked the frontier and threatens the Commonwealth. Naturally, they turn to a drug abusing burn out to save the galaxy.

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Practical Mental Magic

Practical Mental Magic

Drawn to this book by its cover, Practical Mental Magic has taught me the art of mind reading! This 1940s collection of tricks and effects has it all.

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Read the first chapter of Neal Stephenson's new novel Seveneves

Neal Stephenson's new novel Seveneves is out!

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Because of net porn, Hustler's circulation has dropped 97%

The entire magazine industry has been hurt by the web, but pornographic magazines have been hit the hardest.

From an essay in Quartz by Lee Quarnstrom, former editor of Hustler:

In a January 2014 interview with Erin Moriarty of CBS, Flynt announced that he didn’t expect Hustler, the heart of his porn empire, to last more than two or three years. He added that the magazine’s monthly circulation had dropped from a high of 3 million readers to about 100,000. But the truth is, even Flynt’s onetime high of 3 million monthly readers can’t compare to the 32 million visitors now recorded monthly on adult website

Omega 1 Exile, free for Kindle


Stephen Arseneault's Omega 1 Exile is a free for Kindle, detective novel set in space.

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Mitch O'Connell the World's Best Artist by Mitch O'Connell - now an ebook!


Holding off purchasing Mitch O'Connell the World's Best Artist by Mitch O'Connell because you just didn't have the room for a giant 4 lb. book?

You're in luck!

Now it's a featherweight ebook!!

And it's only $9.99!!!

And it has THIRTY EIGHT EXTRA PAGES of sexy art and sensational stories!!!!












"A pop surrealist and low-brow luminary over-the-top, kitschy, vibrant mood-elevating coffee table book!" -Huffington Post

"Oozing charm! Bright and Brash!" -Chicago Tribune "A Brilliant American artist!" -Hi-Fructose Magazine

"An eye-popping curation of the pop artist's finest illustrations!" -Yahoo! Music

"We're smitten with everything Mitch has ever done. There's no escaping that his art is awesome!" -Bizarre magazine

"I'm tempted to tear out the pages and hang them on the wall!" -USA Today Mitch O'Connell the World's Best Artist by Mitch O'Connell - now an ebook!

The Subprimes: a novel of the Piketty/Klein apocalypse

The Harvard Business Review asked me to review Karl Taro Greenfield's magical econopocalypse novel The Subprimes, and I was delighted.

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John Deere: of course you "own" your tractor, but only if you agree to let us rip you off

John Deere freaked out over a a petition to the Copyright Office to let tractor owners break the DRM on their vehicles in order to diagnose and fix them.

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Jules Verne's The Blockade Runners, free for various e-readers

The Blockade Runners

Running the Union blockade starts as just a daring adventure, but rapidly turns into a rescue mission in The Blockade Runners! This short story by Jules Verne is free for Kindle and many other formats!

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LISTEN: MIT discussion about online harassment

Andrew writes, "Last night MIT's Comparative Media Studies/Writing program hosted Brianna Wu of Giant Spacekat and law professor Danielle Keats Citron, author of Hate Crimes in Cyberspace. With their permission, we recorded the talk (AIFF) so others could hear their discussion about online harassment, GamerGate, revenge porn -- and what our laws can do about it."

The Humans - Planet of the Apes meets Hells Angels meets Mad Max


I haven't read a comic book this much fun in a quite a while. The Humans, written by Keenan Marshall Keller and drawn by Tom Neely is about a planet (Earth?) where apes rule supreme and humans are mute beasts. Sound familiar? Yes, it's Planet of the Apes, but without the time-traveling astronauts (at least not yet) and without a Lawgiver handing down a sacred "Ape Shall Not Kill" scroll.

One other difference: instead of riding horses, the apes ride choppers and behave like 1960s outlaw motorcycle gang members. They deal drugs, throw wild parties, encroach on rival gangs' turf, and engage in epic knife-and-chain rumbles. There's the Haterz (an "all-gorilla ape-power gang from Okland"), the Thrill Killers ("hippy-dippy druggies" who "run the acid trade in San Francisco"), Los Muertos from Las Vegas ("these dudes are strange and keep to themselves"), Satan'z Minions ("Satanist, viking monsters who live in the deserts"), and -- the stars of the series -- The Humans (who are apes but think The Humans is a good way to broadcast their violent, animalistic way of life).

The gangs use homo sapiens (they call them "skins") as work animals, and train them to fight each other for gambling and entertainment purposes. One of The Humans keeps human females as sex slaves, much to the disgust of the other members.

Artist Tom Neely (Henry & Glenn Forever) is perfect for this series. It's detailed, slightly-cartoonish, and old school enough to convey the era of underground comics. The coloring by Kristina Collantes is superb.

Image has collected the first four issues into a trade paperback that includes bonus art and an issue of The Humans' motorcycle club newsletter.

The Humans Volume 1

Deep Crossing, a free Adrian Tarn adventure on Kindle

Deep Crossing

Rule breaking adventurer Adrian Tarn is back. In Deep Crossing he trains the new crew of his experimental craft for a deep space mission!

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My Life as a White Trash Zombie

wtzIn My Life as a White Trash Zombie, by Diana Rowland, Angel Crawford wakes up in the hospital with no memory of what happened the night before. The nurse tells her that she'd been found passed out and naked on the side of the road. Angel is not surprised. She’s a beer-drinking, pill-popping, teenage delinquent with a rap sheet and a reputation for causing trouble. Passing out from booze and drugs isn’t anything new. She is surprised, however, by a package that’s been left for her in the hospital by a mysterious stranger. It includes a note telling her that she has a job waiting for her at the county morgue, and a few glass beverage bottles of odd-looking liquid. The note instructs her to drink a bottle every other day and report to work the next day, with a warning that if she doesn’t, the consequences will be dire. She has no idea who gave her the note and bottles, but she reluctantly heeds the stranger’s instructions.

Her new job entails driving bodies to the morgue and helping the coroner open up the bodies to determine the cause of death. It’s around this time that Angel discovers, much to her self-disgust, that she is tremendously hungry for the cadavers’ brains. In the days that follow, she learns that she is a zombie. Eventually, she meets up with other zombies, both good and bad, and tries to learn how she became a zombie, tries to keep herself well-fed with brains without actually killing anyone, tries to avoid getting beat-up by her alcoholic father, tries to rid herself of her heartless boyfriend, and tries to avoid getting decapitated by an unknown zombie hunter who has been picking off the town’s ghouls, one-by-one.

Zombies operate differently in Rowland’s universe. If they have eaten enough brains, they are indistinguishable from ordinary people. But when they go too long without feeding, they start to smell like rotting flesh, their appendages fall off, and they lose higher order brain functions. They become George Romero style zombies. Eating brains will return their personalities and regenerate their missing fingers and toes.

My Life as a White Trash Zombie is lighter fare than most zombie books and movies I’ve consumed, but I thoroughly enjoyed following Angel around as she learned to handle old and new challenges. It was published in 2001, and since then, Rowland has written three other White Trash Zombies books, all highly-rated on Amazon.

Every question in every Q&A session

Mallory Ortberg on The Toast: 10. "I used to like your work, but I don't now. Have you considered doing the things I like again?" (via Kottke)

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Black River: the bleakest and most depressing graphic novel I've ever read


After reading Josh Simmons' Black River I had to read Cormac McCarthy's The Road and watch Requiem for a Dream to cheer myself up.

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